Typography is the Key to a Good Web Design

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We all might have wondered about this question as to what is the secret mantra to a good web design.

We all may have tried to get the answer a number of times but could not get it as yet,Guest Posting but now the answer is here! The key to a good web design is to have good typography. So now the question that arises is that if web design was based on typography then what was the need to learn anything else at all? All what was required to learn was typography and the skills attached along with it.

Typography does not just mean to have a good font selection. But since the advent of various tools like Type kit, Web type, Font deck, and Google web fonts there are no chances that your skills in typography would improve. You don’t have to use much of your creativity into it and use the ready-made fonts for the rest of your lives. Font selection will definitely hamper your creativity and will further lead to other problems too. Check out for a good web design company Delhi that would offer good web content writing services and that too at affordable rates.

It would be quiet difficult to first understand the concepts of all the different fonts that are used and then use the newer fonts that have been introduced. When a tool is developed then it is not always easy to understand it and then start working on it. Have you ever tried imagining that how it would look when all the graphical smileys are gone and what is left is just plain text and spacing?

Text should always be used in the form of interface where the spacing should be right and the typography should be just perfect. There are some people who may find this design to be dull and boring and they would want more excitement in the design. It is important that a website should present the design in such a manner that it should not just rely on the images to make it look beautiful.

You should use the images not to make it look exciting but it should be used in those places where ten different words can be suffixed with the help of just one picture that would seem to be more meaningful too. Any beautiful website lays a lot of emphasis on typography to control the design of the website.

When typography is used in the website then it seems as if it is an expression of the website and it is not away from it. It offers a clean and structured personality to the website and it also becomes more playful and experimental too with time. The basic foundation of a website should be typography and white space and if that is right then the rest of the design of your website does not stand a chance of losing.

Clear and art of menu does a great job in showing the art of typography and it shows it in great detail. So if you design a website you now cannot say that you cannot come up with a good design. If you create a design without any focus and lack of foundation then you can add whatever you wish to but it would never be a great design. A lot of designers commit the same mistake and they add fuel to the fire. The basic thing that needs to be understood is that if the design is not pleasurable to read in the first place then it won’t be a good experience to see it also.

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