How do I Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise

May 27


Mary Melendez

Mary Melendez

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This articles answers the question how do i lose weight without doing exercise. It combines sensible dieting with proper sleep management to lose weight.


The answer to how do i lose weight without doing exercise is simple. It is simply to eat less and increase your metabolism.

The science behind losing weight is the following. It takes a calorie deficit of 3500 to lose 1 lb. Therefore,How do I Lose Weight Without Doing Exercise Articles depending on how much weight you intend to lose over whatever timeframe, you would be able to calculate the amount of calories which you should take.

To lose weight without doing exercise, this is what you should do

Calculate your BMR

Firstly, you would need to know your BMR number which is different for different people. You can calculate yours Here . This represents the amount of calories which your body will burn to keep you alive. You can vary this number by factoring in whether you are doing heavy exercises, moderate exercises or none at all. So, select the one that indicates no exercise at all, if you want to lose weight without doing exercise.

Calculate the amount of calories to lose to reach your goal

Next, decide on the amount of weight that you would like to lose within what timeframe, for example, 10 lbs in a month. Then, you can calculate how much calories you need to be in deficit to achieve the result. You can calculate that Here .

Deduct this number from your BMR number and you would have the amount of calories which you would be able to consume daily to achieve your result

Design your meal plan to achieve result

Once you know how much of calories which you are able to consume, design a meal plan that would deliver that amount of calories. Be sure to have plenty of proteins from lentils and pulses, fish and skinless chicken. Take reduced amounts of starchy carbohydrates and replace these with carbohydrates from green leafy vegetables.

Tomatoes are great for weight loss as it reverses leptin resistance and eggplants are a great source of fiber. Both are therefore, great for restricting your consumption as it helps to reduce your hunger pangs.

Increase amount of weight loss through increased metabolism

Consume more food that are great for increasing metabolism. These are commonly found in proteins. Therefore, add in some nuts and seeds into your diet for increased metabolism.

Fruits like cherries and peaches are also great for boosting metabolism.

Turbo charged your metabolism for maximum weight loss

There is, moreover , a great way to naturally turbo charged your metabolism. Many studies have showed that the human body follows a natural rhythm. In the day, a lot of our cells gets damaged in our everyday life activities, which it will need to repair during the night when we are deep in sleep.

To perform this task, the body needs a lot of energy, which it achieves by increasing the body metabolism with the production of melatonin to burn up your fat and protein stores.

However, melatonin production normally starts at 10pm and only when we are in deep sleep,. It peaks at 12 midnight, after which production will start dropping until it ceased totally by 2am.

Therefore, it is critical that you need to be in deep sleep by 10pm to gain maximum benefit from this. This also partly explains why as one age, it becomes more difficult to lose weight. As we age, we have difficulty in getting into a deep sleep and experience slower metabolism.

For those who have difficulty in getting into a deep sleep, you can check out for details.