The Best Method of Diet to Lose Weight Extremely Fast And Keep it Off

Mar 23


Mary Melendez

Mary Melendez

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This article describes the best method of diet to lose weight extremely fast and keep it off,which is one that can boost your metabolism significantly. This allows you to lose more weight for same amount of effort.


It is scientifically established that weight loss depends on 3 factors. These are calories consumed,The Best Method of Diet to Lose Weight Extremely Fast And Keep it Off Articles calories expended and metabolism. The best method of diet to lose weight extremely fast and keep it off is one that helps me turbo boost my metabolism.

This is because for the same amount of calorie reduction through lower intake and higher output, a higher metabolism rate can multiply weight loss and fat burn. High metabolism rate also ensures that the weight loss is permanent and does not come back after you go off the aggressive dieting.

Besides the diet, I would also touch on the simple exercises that you can do to increase your metabolism and finally the one simple trick to turbo charge your metabolism for maximum weight and fat reduction.

The best method of diet to lose weight extremely fast and keep it off

Next, we look at what kind of diet that can help to reduce calories and increase metabolism.

1. Cut down sugar which increases insulin resistance

Sugar increases our insulin resistance which in turn reduces our metabolism and cause our body to store up fat.

2. less starchy carbohydrates

I would review my base metabolism rate (BMR) regularly for the amount of calories required daily. You can check it out using my BMR Calculator . Consume whatever is your BMR calorie if you are trying to maintain your weight. If you are trying to lose weight, just consume less than your BMR. I usually go for 20-30% less.

I would limit the amount of calories taken daily to a maximum of 50% from starchy carbohydrates.

During periods when I want to reduce more, i would limit this to 30%. This is so when after festive seasons when I have been eating more than my usual.

Starchy carbohydrates increases our sugar levels, so reducing starchy carbohydrates reduces our sugar levels

3. Say No to Starchy sauces

Even when we eat low calorie food, the starchy sauce sometimes can contribute more calories than the actual food itself So, the next time you have a meal, request for sauce on the side and take it only sparingly.

4. Increase intake of protein

As you reduce starchy carbohydrate, you have to make up for it through more protein like skinless chicken breast or salmon. Protein is known for boosting our metabolism.

5. Take more leafy greens like lettuce

Another source to replace the reduced starchy carbohydrates are leafy greens like lettuce which contains carbohydrates without the sugar.

6. Tomatoes which reverses leptin resistance

Tomatoes are known to reduce inflammation and water retention and reversing leptin resistance. Leptin is the protein that signals to our brain that we are full and stop eating. Therefore, tomatoes are great to prevent us from overeating and lower our calorie intake

7. Metabolism boosting food and fruits

Peaches are also low in calories and boost metabolism as they contain flavanoids like catechins and they also have high fiber content.

Cherries contain a hormone called melatonin which is what is produced when we are in deep sleep that sets our body fat burning into overdrive mode. They are also low in calories and contains vitamins that boost metabolism. Cherries are believed to be one of the most energy boosting fruits. This is essential while on a diet to counteract the low energy levels experienced due to huge reduction in sugar intake.

8. Low GL and high dietary fiber fruits

This is one of the best way to assuage your hunger pangs as you reduce your intake. One of my favourite is the guava. It has one of the lowest GL and the highest dietary fiber amongst all fruits.

You can even make it into a snack by soaking it in apple vinegar. This is so useful when you try to kick your habit of snacking on high sugar high salt snacks.

Exercises to burn calories and up metabolism

One simple exercise which you can do anywhere is the sprint. You can burn up tremendous calories doing this simple exercise.

Swimming is another great exercise which I prefer to burn off calories.

Both are great for boosting your metabolism.

How to Turbo Charge Our Metabolism and turn it into a weight and fat burner

Firstly, we need to know how metabolism is affected. The main component that drives metabolism is the production of Melatonin. Melatonin is produced when we go to sleep and is produced in the dark. Pressence of light inhibits Melatonin production.

Based on our biological clock or the circadian rhythm, melatonin production starts at 10pm when we are fast asleep in the the dark. It will ramp up to the maximum at 12 midnight after which it will start falling until by 2am, production ceases.

This is our body natural response and during this time, when melatonin is produced, our metabolism is highest as the body burns up tremendous energy in order to repair our cells that was damaged in our daytime activities.

Therefore, you need to be asleep by 10pm for this turbo charged calorie and fat burning machine to begin working miracles for your body.

However, if you do not have sufficient sleep, more of the stress hormone Cortisol would be produced. You will find that this would slow down your metabolism. Not only that, you would start craving for high sugar, high salt food and cause hunger pangs. Hence, it is imperative that you have to reduce stress and have adequate rest to maximise weight loss.

Therefore, the best method of diet to lose weight extremely fast and keep it off is to turbo charge your metabolism. So, get into deep sleep mode by 10pm today!