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This article discusses on getting into the right frame of mind in trying to get the slim body that we desire.  Our mind is often the most powerful motivator or our worse enemy.  

One trick that I used to use was to trace a silhouette of the body I wanted onto my looking glass where I look into to change every morning.  I then remind myself to watch what I eat for the rest of the day.  It also motivates me to move about more,Guest Posting opting for the stairs instead of the lift, doing more cardio exercises.   Another method was to paste a cartoon caricature of a big fat woman, with a sign saying, do you want to end up like this on my fridge door.  Every time, when I have a urge to go forage the fridge for food, when I see this, all the urge will disappear.   The only thing that I found hard to resist is sometimes they will stack potatoe chips right at the checkout of supermarkets and I have a soft spot for this, and sometimes I succumb to it.   When I am controlling my diet, it is difficult to muster up the energy to do things, much less be energetic.  One way I used to overcome this lethargy is to have my face plastered to a slim silhouette board and place it at the couch I normally slouch in.  The sign will read, if you want to be like me, get your ass off of this couch and go on your bike and treadmill.     To be slim requires determination, willpower and some sacrifice. Most of us knows the sacrifices we have to make in order to be slim but have tough time following through.  These are some of the mental triggers that I use to keep me focused on the goal.   For more tips on how to be slim and energetic, visit my website listed in the resource box below.   Cheers and best wishes for your bid to be slim.

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