What is Body Mass Index ? What does BMI Chart indicate?

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Before I start describing a BMI chart let me launch into a little digression...

 …When my face didn't fit into the picture of my driving license any more,Guest Posting when there were no buttons left on my shirts and my waist belt run out of available holes, I though: "Maybe it's time for me to stop?  What should my weight be?" That's what one of my friends from school told me once.This problem bothers many people because obesity became an issue for people from many developed countries. What should they start their work on weight reduction with?Yes, of course it's a good way to lose excessive weight together and say:"Goodbye, fat":)But let's be serious about it! There is one simple means to estimate healthy body weight of a person depending on his or her height. It's their personal Body Mass Index or statistical indicator which compares weight and height of an individual. It was invented in Belgium in 1830.BMI doesn't estimate percentage of fat in a person's weight. However it is a useful means which helps estimate healthy body mass. Body Mass Index is calculated as follows: a person's weight divided by his or her squared height. If you don't want to deal with arithmetic it's much easier to use the BMI chart which shows both weight function on a horizontal axis and height function on a vertical axis with color lines for different Body Mass Index values and categories. This useful tool is also called a body mass index chart, body mass chart, chart weight, healthy weight chart, height and weight chart, BMI chart, ideal body weight chart, ideal weight chart, weight chart, weight loss chart which shows its great popularity! You can choose any type of ideal weight charts you need from the list depending on your age, sex and its usability.One should know that a common chart shows characteristics for a normal human body. Physically inactive people might have the following characteristics: Body Mass Index above 30 points indicates obesity, BMI lower than 17.5 points indicates some sickness or exhaustion, Body Mass Index from 18.5 to 25 points might indicate an optimal weight. If your Body Mass Index is within 18.5 and 25 on the "height weight charts" you have a reason to smile and stop reading this. You shouldn't rack your brains thinking of different ways to lose weight and exploring BMI chart any more.Besides… For an average human body Body Mass Index is directly proportional to weight and inversely proportional to height which one can see on the BMI chart. However if someone's proportions are nonstandard (tall or too tall, short or very short) the results might be inaccurate and ideal weight chart can't provide precise information.That was why a BMI Prime was adopted. It's a modified version of a common Body Mass Index which shows the ratio of actual BMI to the upper limit of Body Mass Index (now it's BMI 25).People whose Body Mass Index Prime is lower than 0.74 have low body weight. People with BMI Prime within 0.74 and 0.99 have optimal weight. And those with BMI Prime equal or more than 1.00, overweight. In order to calculate your own BMI Prime you need to know your Body Mass Index on the ideal weight chart (BMI chart). In order to do that you can choose any of the charts on this page. It won't take much time.

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