Consequences, the result of your Actions

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Maybe you are looking at a sea or green change, career change, further education, having a child, or something else.  Regardless of what changes you have in mind it helps if you take time to consider the consequences of this change, particularly if you are in a relationship and have children – when it really is no longer just about me.

Whatever you decide to do there will be consequences and they may not be in your highest good. 

For instance you decide to accept a new job in a different state away from family and friends.  When you get there you find to your dismay how isolated you are,Guest Posting your children, if you have any, are unable to settle into their new school, your partner is unable to secure employment, and you miss the security of being near family and friends.

On the other hand you might be on top of the world what you have manifested. However for others affected by your action it can turn their world upside down maybe for better or maybe for worse.

When you write down goals, considering a career change, further education, or any change really, ask yourself the following questions with the big picture in mind, and be mindful of possible consequences arising from your decision making process:

  • Does doing this thing xyz serve me well or does it only serve others?
  • What reason am I really doing this thing xyz for?  What is it that I secretly really want to accomplish?
  • Is this thing xyz really in my best interest and to those closest to me, or is it something I want because it distracts me from xyz?
  • How will what I want, affect those nearest and dearest to me such as my partner, children, parents etc on a social, financial, and emotional level?  Alleviate assumption; ask those involved directly for their opinion.
  • What are the potential positive consequences of xyz?
  • What are the potential negative consequences of xyz?
  • Is there room for compromise?
  • What would be the worst case scenario for doing this thing xyz?  Would pursing this be worth it in the short and long term?

Include other questions if you can to the above checklist, the more you questions and answers you have the greater your overview will be. 

Spoken words too have consequences.  For example words that are inspirational, empowering, supportive, compassionate and kind have the power to elevate others and be the wind beneath their wings.  On the other hand words spoken in haste and anger will result in consequences that may take a long time to heal. 

For the latter take several deep breaths and count to 30 first.  By the time you’ve reached 30 you may find the moment has thankfully passed. 

Many years ago I heard someone say:

 “You can either choose to be happy, or choose to be right”

I still use that statement today because for me at least, it has great value.   I know what I would rather be and that is to be happy.  This does not mean I am conceding defeat; it means I want to keep the peace and discuss the issue at a time when it is safe to do so.   

Everything we do in life has a consequence and it all starts with an action.  More often than not the trick is to do a ‘consequential analysis’, basically this means to future pace what could happen, what could go wrong and whether you are really willing to accept the consequences of your actions.  So next time a potential life changing opportunity presents itself, spend some quiet time with pen and paper and start writing your ‘consequential analysis’.

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