Finding Storage Space in your Buckhead Apartment

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Even the smallest apartments in Buckhead have tremendous amounts of space; you just have to know where to look.

Like most cities,Guest Posting Buckhead offers a variety of apartment living spaces to choose from.  All of these might not be within your budget, however, and sometimes you have to make concessions.  If your apartment is big on charm, but small on space, don't worry.  Here are a few tips to maximize your square footage and find a place for everything.
    There is nothing worse than an apartment that looks cluttered.  Most of the time, though, it is because the tenant does not use his or her space efficiently and does not have a place for every thing.  That being said, you might want to first consider all of the stuff you could afford to get rid of.  The golden rule is that if you have not used it, thought about it, worn it, etc. in 12-18 months, it's safe to say that you don't need it.  Assess the things around you and donate everything you can.  Ideas might include broken items that you never fixed, clothing that does not fit, old or out-of-style shoes, tools from previous hobbies and things that serve no purpose: out of date calendars and date books, trinket gifts and souvenirs, things still in packages (that weird cat purse your aunt gave you last Christmas).  Getting rid of these things will instantly make your place feel bigger.
    Now look around.  What kinds of storage places have you overlooked?  I like the idea of extending your bed legs to develop a big storage space.  Getting tupperware drawers to house winter sweaters, summer dresses, boots, sandals, etc. will make your closet much bigger and also, way more functional.  If it is not something you can wear year-round, then it shouldn't be taking up space year-round.  Closet shelves are also a great way to house things.  If you don't want to install metal shelves and put holes in the wall, you can buy the collapsible shelves that velcro to your coat rack.  You can use these to store t-shirts, socks and underwear, or transitional clothing to be worn in fall or spring.
    Many apartments have a lot of cabinet room in the kitchen, and many apartment dwellers do not own that many dishes, pots and pans.  Use some of these cabinets for storage (if possible) for tools, cleaning supplies and pet stuff.  Laundry closets usually have shelves, which can house holiday decor, heavy coats or gift wrap. 
    If you're moving to the Buckhead area, you are now set on how to expand storage in your apartment.  Now you have to find the apartment!  Call PROMOVE, Atlanta's free apartment locating service, to help you find the Buckhead apartment that is right for you.  PROMOVE's dedicated team will help you find the square footage you need without hurting your budget.

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