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There is a heavy demand for original articles to supply the inexhaustible need for fresh content on the Web. You can cater to this demand and enjoy massive benefits virtually overnight, and these benefits can continue indefinitely.

One of the most formidable marketing tools available today is your computer keyboard,Guest Posting and you can use it to generate an extremely comfortable livelihood through the writing of articles. The benefits you can gain include enormous exposure, credibility, influence and profits... all for next to nothing.

Ezine publishers and webmasters are constantly on the hunt for fresh information and ideas to educate their subscribers and visitors. Unfortunately, not all of them have the skill or desire to create relevant content themselves, so they look to other sources for a solution.

This is where writing articles comes to the rescue. If you know how to explain complex subjects in a simple, easy-to-read writing style, or are willing to learn how, you can cater to this persistent demand and enjoy priceless rewards for your effort.

Here are what some of the rewards look like:

1. You Get to Demonstrate Your Knowledge of the SubjectA great article will be rich in substance and will educate and inform your readers. Since that knowledge is what they were looking for to begin with, and you supplied it, they will naturally turn to you in the future because you seem to know your stuff.

2. You Are Exposed to an Ever-Increasing ReadershipAll it takes is the first article to start things in motion and it need not be more than 400-500 words. That single article can be republished on hundreds of other sites, ezines, blogs, forums, RSS feeds or even in print, exposing you to thousands of new eyes.

3. Your Influence as a Legitimate Authority SkyrocketsAs your articles gain wider distribution and are read by an increasing number of people, you will be accorded their admiration, respect and support. They will recommend you to their friends, subscribe to your ezines, enroll in your courses and buy your products. To them, you're the real deal!

4. You Perpetuate a Powerful Linking SystemThe resource box that's appended to the end of your article usually includes one or more links to a web site or some other property you promote. When publishers present your articles to their readers, the network of links pointing to you expands, lifting you to a more favorable position in the search engine results.

As a published article marketer you stand out from other marketers for your perceived smarts and intellect. Your ability to clearly articulate your thoughts and ideas is a skill envied by many and it places you in an exclusive club.

If you are not allocating some time to researching, writing and submitting articles for republication, you are missing a golden opportunity to strengthen your influence. It could become one of your best investments.

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