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... it's hard to come up with original topicsto write about. There are millions of ... ... web sites packed with ... One of ... ways to come up with new subjects to

Nowadays,Guest Posting it's hard to come up with original topics
to write about. There are millions of articles, e-zines
and web sites packed with information. One of the
easiest ways to come up with new subjects to write
about is to bundle different topics together.

Below are eight ideas for bundling topics together:

1. Combine your information with new solutions. For
example, there are many solutions to get out of debt.
If you can think up a new one write about it.

2. Incorporate your information with original fiction.
For example, if your topic is fishing, write a fictional
story about it.

3. Conjoin your information with an unrelated topic.
For example, you could combine chemistry and web
marketing together.

4. Link your information with new ideas. For example,
if you are writing about typewriters, tell people the
difference between them and computers.

5. Connect your information with a new market. For
example, you could write about improving your psychic
skills targeted at coaches who want to improve their
play calling.

6. Merge your information with current news stories.
For example, relate your subject to any of the top
news stories that will be ongoing for awhile.

7. Blend your information with real life. For example,
combine your subject with real life interviews, stories,
opinions and personal experiences.

8. Relate your information with new examples. For
example, they're thousands of books on marketing
but most of them use different examples to make
you understand.

Don't limit yourself to only these eight ideas. There
are millions of information topics that can help you
to brainstorm new writing ideas.

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