How to write the perfect headline - Part 2

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If you are trying to market a website or a product on the internet, it is essential to master the art of headline writing. In the second part of a two-part article we look at a practical headline-writing example that should help you develop your headline writing skills.

The great thing about search engine advertising is that people type in key phrases that coincide with their wants. Try to think of what someone will search for. Then use that key phrase as your headline. They think 'Wow,Guest Posting how did they know what I was searching for?'Now for the example. Let’s say you know how you can help women re-enter the work force after they've had a baby.What headlines can you think of that will sway attention and promise a benefit?Think of the concern, worries, and apprehension a new mother would have. Should I start part-time or full-time? What are my childcare options? How will I stay organized at home? You can probably think of several more questions. From your list of questions, do you see a pattern you can follow? You may want to focus on child care options only. Or, maybe you can research and list jobs that are flexible, and most likely, mom friendly. As you can see, what you say in your ads will have a large impact in what you actually include your products.Using my questions above, I came up with the following headlines:- Land the job of your dreams and raise your kids- Caring childcare options- Work Smarter. Parent Smarter.As you can see, each headline could take me in a different direction. What you want to do is let the prospect know right up front what you're giving them. How reassuring is it to know that you can have the job of your dreams and still raise your kids? Sometimes all it takes is to know that there are others 'out there' who feel the same way.Do you think the headlines I chose would attract mothers who want to re-enter the workforce? Did you think of other, better headlines? This is the type of brainstorming you need to accomplish for all your ads. The great part about this process is that you can mix and match headlines. I keep a notebook full of headlines I've thought of.Try to keep your headlines as positive as possible. And if you are writing an advice article, let your reader know that you can help them achieve their goal. It can also be of benefit to include a number in your headline if appropriate. For example, '10 steps to a perfect golf swing'.Good headline writing is an art you can develop over time, but the advice given above should help you start out on the right path.

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