Inspiration Has Job Security

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The deadline for your ezine was ... You have nothing to say. The last week you have spent ... for a ... working overtime at your day job, fighting with your ... Just fill in

The deadline for your ezine was yesterday. You have nothing to say. The last week you have spent preparing for a vacation,Guest Posting working overtime at your day job, fighting with your girlfriend. Just fill in the blank. Oh wait, you don't have to. Somehow there is always an excuse to fill that blank. So, what do you do now?

You can choose one of the easiest ways out. Send out an e-mail that you are sick and the ezine will be out next week at the normal time. But this doesn't feel right, because you are lying to yourself. You could grab the first free article on the net you find to throw in there and just use the same links you did last week and have the thing out in less than an hour. No, you pride yourself on writing at least a part of your newsletter every week and putting together a well-rounded issue, one that readers save. There are plenty of examples of junk ezines on the net and you don't want yours to rank with those. After all, you worked hard for your subscribers and disappointing them is not an option.

What we are talking about here is writer's block. Something you think is reserved for poets and other "literary artists." An internet marketer can't have writer's block. But somehow, after those few months or days of flow, the ideas you have carefully saved and knew were great when you wrote them down have deteriorated in your notebook. Who could have known that they had a shelf life? And why is it that the more free time you have, the easier it is to put off writing that new article?

There is a cure for writer's block. It is simple and you can start today. It happens to be the latest breakthrough in science and 9 out of 10 medical doctors now recommend it. First, take a piece of paper. Second get yourself a pen, a disposable will do. Now, start writing. With that first dark line on the white paper, you have been miraculously cured. All you have to do now is to keep that pen moving down the paper. If you have to be Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" and write "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." over and over, do it. At least you are cured and eventually your mind will become bored and you will reach that spot again. You know that spot. It's the spot where you wish ViaVoice actually worked, because your fingers can't keep up with your mind.

Inspiration is for wannabes. Inspiration has job security. It can pick and choose it's opportunities. With millions of hobbyist writers waiting for it to fill out an application, do you really think inspiration will answer your small classified ad that reads, "Inspiration needed to write next article for my newsletter." If you started all of this as a hobby, go ahead and wait. You have time. For those of us who take this seriously, we have to take a more active approach.

That starts by writing every single day. Going to your computer or getting out your notebook every day and writing something, anything and seeing it through to the end. You have no boss to tell you to do this. You have no reason except to put words on paper and improve slowly day by day and eventually make it habit. In order to teach your mind that you aren't playing here, that this isn't a game, that you are not going to tease yourself. You want results. Eventually, if not every day, at least a great majority of them, you will reach that magic spot where you don't want to stop, where you know you have an idea on the run and it is not going to get away from you this time.

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