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Every writer wants to know how they earn more money writing online. Here are some useful tips for making your own freelance writing opportunities.

Getting paid to write articles is a good way to make money online. One way to beat the recession without having to invest large sums of money; or any money at all,Guest Posting is writing articles. People will always need content, no matter what the situation is. If you can read and write at a basic elementary level, then you can make money in the writing business. The truth about the writing business is that it takes hard work and dedication to make enough money to pay the bills. While the opportunities on the Internet are larger for writers, it also holds bigger competition. Most writers hardly make enough money to fill up their gas tanks, let alone to pay for a mortgage and other expenses. Even with this truth, there are still some ways you can make over $1000 a day writing articles online. The biggest key to your success will be your marketing techniques and methods, not the quality of your articles.

One way to get ahead of the competition is to start a website. Your website will act as your business card. Without it, it will be hard to reach high paying clients who are really looking for content online. If you are limited on funds and don’t have a lot of money to dish out on web hosting packages, you could look into a $10 a year plan with Godaddy and Blogger. Also, you can start a free blog at which seems to get good ranking and traffic as they have a self-pinging service.  

You will need to put up your contact info, a pricing list, the type of writing you specialize in and writing samples. Because of the stiff competition online, many writers put a small photo of themselves on their websites. This is because the client is ten times more likely to trust you with a picture. They feel they are attaching a face to a business. You could also get testimonies from clients along with url addresses to published work.

Selling writing services is a lot harder than just selling pre-written articles. This is because you don’t need as much traffic in order to make a sale. With writing services, you might need at least 500-1000 visitors before you get a client email about your services or a writing request. When you sell pre-written articles with a ‘buy now’ button already installed in the website, then you will only need about 100-200 visitors to make a sale. It is also much faster and easier to pick anything you want to write on and just market it to the public.

Make sure to only choose the best writing samples to display on your site in order to get paid to write articles. This is because; this will make or break your writing business. You want people to know that you are a good writer and they can depend on you to produce quality content.

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