The idea way to grow your writing business

Jul 19


Jill Black

Jill Black

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As a writer (or any ... in order to generate good ... returns for your efforts you will need to place a great deal of emphasis on product creation and the ... aspects of your busines


As a writer (or any business) in order to generate
good financial returns for your efforts you will
need to place a great deal of emphasis on product
creation and the marketing aspects of your business
to turn "what might be" into "what will be" and
become the success you hopw to be.

Sometimes however,The idea way to grow your writing business Articles many writers fall into the trap
of becoming so involved in the creative mechanics
of the writing process and tend to forget (at least
temporarily) the fact that this is also a business
that needs to continuously generate money.

As the hours, days and weeks needed to write that
new book become all important and time consuming,
other business matters tend to be placed on the
"do later" list or are simply neglected all together.

This means we need to s-t-r-e-t-c-h our thinking
on a daily basis to ensure all aspects of our
business endeavours are included into our daily routine.

The successful entrepreneur knows that daily small
actions build into a pattern of accomplishment over
the days, weeks, months and years throughout the
lifetime of a business and so commit themselves to
building on specific actions every single day...

I have found that the most profitable time any
business entrepreneur can spend is to set aside
a specific time each day specifically for the
purpose of focusing on generating ideas to grow
your business potential and profits.

The best time to do this is during what is called
"the golden hour" The golden hour is the first hour
upon waking each morning. Thinking positively and
creatively at this time of the day then sets the
tone for your entire day.

Many successful business people I have spoken to over
the years also tend to share a common trait... one of
the first questions that springs to mind somewhere at
the beginning of each day tends to be "how can I make
money today" or self-talk to that effect. This can be
a conscious thought or an unconscious thought that is
always present in the nature.

I have also found that simply asking yourself the
question "what can I do today that has the potential
to earn $100" works extremely well at keeping my mind
focused on the business aspect of daily affairs. These
$100 ideas have repaid themselves many times over in
terms of business growth.

For the next 21 days (it takes 21 days to get into
any new habit) spend time to simply focus on growing
your business through the generation and implementation
of your $100 ideas.

As this daily routine becomes an automatic part of your
daily life, your thinking becomes activated towards
being aware of the many money making opportunities
that exist for the development of your business.

Over a period of time these ideas will compound as the
results of your efforts will lead to success as a writer
AND entrepreneur.

We each have 1, 440 seconds in each day between the
hours of midnight and midnight that we can use ...
how are your 1,440 seconds going to be spent today?

- You might get an idea for a new book.

- Can you start some research? or is there someone you
would like to ask for an interview?

- It may be an idea for writing a tip or an article to
post to the free content directories that could generate
interest in your business and product/s for the purpose
of increasing sales.

- It could be to submit some pages to a new search engine
or directory you have read about.

- Place a classified advertisement somewhere you have not
advertised before.

- Find a joint venture partner for an idea you have.

- Teach a class offline or online.

- Offer consultancy services.

- Put a bid in for a freelance contract or send an
article query to a paying magazine.

- Perhaps getting around to implementing an idea you
have read about for marketing your web site or e-book
that you had not got around to trying yet.

- $100 ideas can also be as simple as reviewing all your
headlines for effectiveness: - your articles, your web
site pages, your e-mail subject lines, the title of your
e-zine, your sales copy pages etc.

All of these and many more ideas each have the potential
to bring profits in many different ways.

It is also important that you list the idea/s that you
generate each day and then make an ACTION PLAN for the
implementation of that idea. The sooner the idea is
implemented the sooner you will see an income from it.

Not all ideas have to be as obvious as these. How about
eliminating an expense and saving $100 occasionally?

Whatever your ideas, keep a idea file to record your
ideas and the actions you have taken. Also carry a notebook
or a small voice activated tape recorder with you at all
times specifically for ideas that might surface outside
your idea time.

Never again will you be short of an idea for your business
or a project you can work on to increase your profits and
grow your business.

Decide on the one most important productive thing you can
do today for your business... and just do it.