The Monsters Out Of The Cage! - Part 1

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For years mail order dealers have been cashing in on the public's ... thirst for ... along comes the internet and "the monsters out of the cage."No longer are authors limited by: Pr

For years mail order dealers have been cashing in on the
public's insatiable thirst for information.

Now along comes the internet and "the monsters out of the

No longer are authors limited by:

<> Printing costs

<> Postage

<> Marketing to one or two countries

Create an electronic best seller and it can multiply faster
than those fury little "tribbles" on Star Trek.

There are a few ways you can take advantage of this

What types of information sells best. You can find out
really fast. Just look at the best seller lists and you'll
see the topics that sell best have stayed fairly stable
over the years.

People always want to know "How To"

<> Make Money

<> Save Money

<> Lose Weight

<> Gain Weight

<> Improve Themselves

<> Learn More About Their Hobbies

<> Eat Better... Cheaper... Healthier

The list is endless.

The subjects available are only limited by your imagination.

Where do you start?

You can start by writing short articles on your subject of

The articles will accomplish the following things:

<> You'll be establishing yourself as an authority.

<> You'll be priming the pump. The more you write the
easier it will get. The ideas will take over.

<> You'll be building your confidence.

<> You'll be building an audience. They're pre-sold on your
ability to cover your subject in a competent understandable

What can you do while you're building your audience.

Sell other peoples information products for a percentage of
sales or buy reseller rights to related material.

You'll not only be funding your project,Guest Posting you'll be building
a list of buyers who already know you only deal in quality

In part 2 of this article we'll cover how to cash in fast
on a hot seller.

Wishing You Success

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