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Writing ... copy would be a lot simpler if every ... ... in the same way. But in reality, they ... good news is that by ... the various ways people think, youc

Writing cracker-jack copy would be a lot simpler if every potential client
thought in the same way. But in reality,Guest Posting they don't.

The good news is that by understanding the various ways people think, you
can appeal to all personality types in your copy. And by doing that, your
responses will dramatically improve.

You see, people process information using different senses. Some people are
great listeners but lousy at visualising a concept. Others can't truly grasp
what you're talking about unless you draw pictures on a whiteboard.

The teachings of Neuro Linguistic Programming state that there are three
main information processing methods. They are visual (sight), auditory
(sound) and kinesthetic (touch). The others are through thinking, smelling
and tasting.

By using a combination of words that relate to each of the senses, you're
covering all bases by appealing to all types of people. Here are some
examples of words that relate to various senses.

Visual (sight)
appears to, see, look, blind, bright, brilliant, clear, colourful, crystal
clear, draw, enlighten, focus, glance, horizon, illustrate, imagine, dream,
insight, it looks like, light, mirror, outlook, paint a picture, picture,
reveal, see, sketch, visualise, vibrant, vivid, watch

Auditory (sound)
announce, argue, boom, buzz , crash, hear, listen, loud, rave, sound, noise,
silence, speak, shout, music, noise, quiet, ring, roar, scream, shout,
silent, silence, snap, sound, speak, squeal, talk, tell, voice, whisper,
whistle, yell

Kinesthetic (touch)
back bone, balance, blend, blistering, bliss, bounce, brush, calm, connect,
crush, cut, drive, feel, feverish, grab, hot, handle, heart, hit, lift,
loose, love, massage, peaceful, prick, reach, push, rock solid, rough, rub,
scratch, stir, stress, stroke, tap, touch, tranquil

aroma, bouquet, essence, fishy, flowery, fragrant, fresh, musty, odour,
perfumed, pungent, rotten, scent, smell, sniff, snort, stench, stink, sweet
scented, vapour, waft, whiff

acid, bite, bitter, creamy, crisp, delicious, devour, drink in, eat, fatty,
fishy, fresh, greasy, juicy, lean, lick, lip smacking, luscious, meaty,
melts in your mouth, milky, mouth watering, salty, peppery, savour, sip,
sizzling, sour, spicy, succulent, suck, swallow, sweet, tangy, tantalising,
tasty, wicked

challenge, concentrate, consider, devise, dream of, dream up, experience,
guess, know, learn, mediate, memorise, motivate, pretend, put on your
thinking cap, sensation, sense, speculate, strategise, think, dream, true,
understand, wonder.

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