Why do 16Mn seamless steel pipes need to be tested repeatedly in production?

Dec 14


chase Liu

chase Liu

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The process of 16Mn seamless steel pipes from production to use is continuously tested repeatedly. Without a good test process, it is impossible to produce a more qualified product.


16Mn seamless steel pipes can only be effective when they are repeatedly tested during production. In general,Why do 16Mn seamless steel pipes need to be tested repeatedly in production? Articles manufacturers have to continuously test repeatedly during production. The common test methods and What are the steps? We are here to introduce the steps and methods of related experiments:


During the flattening test of 16Mn seamless steel pipe, if a sample of a rolled-length pipe or segmented pipe fails, a sample should be taken from the same end of the original 16Mn seamless steel pipe for retest. If it is qualified, the 16Mn seamless steel pipe shall be rejected, and another 20Mn seamless steel pipe shall be taken from the batch, and one end shall be sampled for re-inspection. If one of them still fails, the batch of 16Mn seamless steel pipes shall be sampled and re-inspected one by one. All 16Mn seamless steel pipes that fail the flattening test shall be rejected for acceptance. When the flattening test of a rolled length tube fails, the manufacturer decides to perform flattening test on its segmented pipe. If a flattened sample of a rolled length or segmented pipe fails, it shall be re-inspected on the same seamless steel pipe. If the re-inspection still fails, the 16Mn seamless steel pipe shall be rejected.


The main component of 16Mn seamless steel pipe is 16Mn, which has a relatively high hardness and has a wide range of uses. The technical requirements in the production and use process are relatively high, so repeated tests are required!


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