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Why this kolavari d is now in more than 10 languages of India

A song of millennium,Guest Posting an only song which is sung in ten different versions such as Tamil, Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi, English etc. The original version is the mixture of Tamil and English i.e a simple form of Tanglish, sung by Dhanush an actor, playback singer, a producer and a lyricist of Tamil film industry. He has the list of super hit films in his successful career. He has also won Filmfare Award for Best Actor and National Film award for Best Actor for his amazing performance in a Tamil movie named as Aadukalam. Pudhupetti is a biggest film of Dhanush in terms of budget since 2006 till to date. He came under spot light by the mass success of his song “Why This Kolavari Di”, this song made him popular worldwide.This song is considered to be down tempo track which inspires ancient south Indian folk rhythm in which ancient musical instrument is used, where the lyrics is written by Dhanush and he himself is the singer of this song. This music video is composed on a keyboard by Anirudh Ravichander at AM studio within ten minutes and Dhanush started working on the lyrics, which was completed by playful singing and writing in just twenty minutes. The first line of the song is “Why This Kolavari Di” which means “Why do you have this murderous rage against me?” as song is sung by an Indian boy who is rejected by his girlfriend, he is fully drunk and sings this song asking her girlfriend why she hurted him this way. This song was released officially on 16 November 2011 and became instantly viral on all Social Networking sites.This music video was honoured by You Tube with Gold medal for being “Most popular video” and Silver medal for receiving large number of hits within very short period of time. In just six days of its release “Kolavari song” topped the Indian trends in Twitter. It received 3.5 million views in just eight days and shares on the Facebook reached up to 1 million. By the last date of November the number of views on You Tube received was enormous it reached up to 10,500,000 and this record was crossed by 30 million by the beginning of 2012. This song is considered as the top downloaded song on cell phones with 2, 10,000 download. There was a high search for this song as download songs free, free music downloading sites, free mp3 songs, download video of kolaveri, why the kolavari di, kolaveri di, free tamil mp3 downloads, kolaveri mp3 free and many more it grasp the attention of maximum viewers for a quite long time.Hindi Version of this song was sung by a sweet little son of Sonu Nigam. It is also known as “milk version” as the word Scotch was replaced by milk and was acknowledge by Dhanush the singer of the original version. All the ten versions are very enjoyable sung by different singers.This song was criticized by Javed Akhtar mostly working in Bollywood since numbers of years as a poet, lyricist and script writer; he criticized this song for its insult to sensibility. An appeal was filed in the Kerala High Court in quest of a ban on this song in April 2012 as it has adverse influence on children, demanding to provoke violence and aggression.

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