Economical Greeting Cards for the Economic Minded Businessman

Aug 18


Martha D. Killian

Martha D. Killian

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Greeting cards have long been special marketing weapon of businessmen and businesswomen.


Greeting cards have long been a special marketing weapon of businessmen and businesswomen. However,Economical Greeting Cards for the Economic Minded Businessman Articles in this economy it is actually hard to justify the cost of printing greeting cards for marketing. Most businesses are cutting costs just to survive today. So if you want to survive and still print your cars, you will have to go for greeting cards as your tool for alternative marketing.

Let me teach you how to create more economical type greeting cards. The important thing to remember here is to try to reduce costs anywhere you can without really hampering the overall look of those marketing postcards.

1. Economical greeting cards are made of cheap standard materials – That is correct. While you may want to use the best of the best materials in greeting card printing, if you are in a tight budget you should manage the process by using cheaper more standard materials.

While most would recommend the thicker and classier textured paper, you should just go for plain paper to save money. Glossy paper is a good standard choice and if possible to not go over thick with the paper weight. Just keep the materials standard and practical with just a little gloss and you should be fine and economical.

2. Economical greeting cards are smaller – To get greeting card printing costs down even further, you should try out smaller greeting cards. A smaller greeting card template will of course need fewer materials in its printing. Fewer materials mean cheaper printing quotations and a more manageable budget for you. So try to look for smaller standard greeting card templates to use in your economical batch of greeting cards.

3. Economical greeting cards use standardized templates, components etc.
– Remember that customization costs a lot in greeting card printing. You should try to reduce your own costs by going for mostly standardized templates and components. Do not go for wild shapes, holes, embossing or embedding in your greeting cards. Use the most standard options for the cheapest price in printing. You can just compensate with a great design and artwork for your greeting cards.

4. Economical greeting cards have author made content – The talent of a layout artist or photographer can be expensive these days. For economical greeting cards, the best way to curve that design costs is to just create your own content and design as the main author. Do not buy images or hire artists. Be your own creative artist and supply the cover design. It should be easy as long as you are dedicated and you have decent design software. So put on that artistic bonnet and start creating your greeting card designs.

5. Economical greeting cards are printed wholesale – Now, you might not think it is practical, but in the long run, it is actually more economical to print greeting cards in wholesale. This is because wholesale printing reduces your greeting card costs by about 20%-40% per card. That is a big amount of savings. So instead of printing small batches, print greeting cards in big batches that can be used for multiple occasions. The more the merrier.

So those are your economical tips for economical greeting card printing. It should not really be hard for you to implement as long as you are very practical with all your choices and steps. Good luck!