Various Ways of Creating Custom Greeting Cards

Jan 21


Katie Marcus

Katie Marcus

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Ways to create custom greeting cards

Have you ever tried sending custom greeting cards to friends and family? If you have not tried custom greeting card printing yet, Various Ways of Creating Custom Greeting Cards Articles then you should really consider it. It is a wonderful thing to see the unique greeting card picture and of course the special personal message that is gloriously printed in it.

For a recipient, the impact of a custom greeting card will be wonderful and heartfelt. In addition, it is a lot better than sending that cold and usual off the shelf greeting card, and even this fact alone will make it more appreciated.

Greeting card printing is simple enough to do, so there is nothing to worry about. Nor there is a need for any technical expertise.  Especially for custom greeting cards, all you need is a good custom image (maybe of you or your family) and a nice message. Of course, both of these must convey the correct greeting for a certain occasion like a birthday or a holiday. Next, you need to decide on the way to produce your color greeting cards.

There are several ways to create your own custom greeting cards. You can create your own from scratch, have special software help you or you can hire some professionals. Below are detailed descriptions of these ways. Try to choose which way best suits you.

Create your own
Of course the best way to create a custom greeting card is if you create your own. You can do this digitally or manually. If you want to design your greeting card manually, then you should have a good sense of practical art. Simply gather up some art materials, colors, paints, pastels etc. Then using some paper, paint the design and message that you want.

Afterwards, scan your finished design into a computer. Now, you may be asking why should we scan it? Well of course we should! How will you create the design over and over again right? It is better to scan it then reprint the design using your printer. It saves you a lot of effort this way. Easy right? Just make sure you are printing on the correct side of the paper and of course make way for the greeting card folds.

Using software templates
Next, if you want to create your own design digitally, then you have to have a little help from some software. Some office suites and graphic image software have greeting card templates that can help you design your custom greeting cards.

Others even have “wizards” that ask you several questions and then produce your greeting card. If you are a whiz at imaging software, you can even create your design from scratch there. More commonly, though a photographic image of you or your family is used for custom greeting cards. You just insert this to your greeting card template using the software and you will have a custom greeting card ready to be made. All that would be left would be to print them.

Hire an online greeting card printing company
Lastly, if you are still a bit iffy about creating your own design, you can hire some professionals. There are a lot of custom greeting card printing services available online. All you have to do is send them your greeting message and maybe your own custom image if you want. You can also choose from a wide variety of greeting card templates that may be available in their website. Then once the design is complete, the only thing needed is for your custom cards to be printed and delivered to you for further customization.

Great! Most of these ways are easy right? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and send your custom greeting cards!