Custom Greeting Cards are the Best, Then and Now

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Proving that custom greeting cards are still best, past or present

Making custom greeting cards is actually a very old tradition. In the olden days,Guest Posting people created homemade custom greeting cards for popular occasions such as Valentine’s Day or even Christmas.

According to reliable sources, the first Valentine card was printed in England in the 1600s, with Christmas cards following a couple of years after this in London itself. All of these were handmade from paper, and it usually had just one page, much like a postcard nowadays.

Mass produced print greeting cards only really became popular in the twentieth century. With all that, standardization it was a natural evolution to shift from home made greeting cards to pre-make off the shelf ones.

That was when all the uniqueness and specialness of greeting cards began to wane. For a lot of people nowadays, an “off the shelf” greeting card is considered a polite but not a truly thoughtful gift. There is nothing like a hallmark greeting card that tells you “I can’t be bothered with looking for a useful gift, I’ll just give you pre-packaged affections”. Add the fact that people are creating “made up” holidays left and right for commercial purposes and you will see that greeting cards have lost some of their spirit.

Do not be saddened however. You can still print custom greeting cards that you can give to your friends and family. It is always the best option to create your own greeting cards since they have a close and personal impact on people. With the resources available today, you can easily make custom greeting cards within minutes.

You can do this by simply using your personal pictures as tools and then having an online printing company print them for you. Simply choose a good picture that can have a great personal impact to your family and other loved ones.

Next, send this picture along with an affectionate message from you to an online printer. There you can hire them to integrate the picture and your message in one of their color greeting card templates. Ask for a sample of this before continuing the order. Once you are satisfied just have them print the greeting cards and have them delivered to you.

Within a few days, you should receive your custom greeting cards along with the personal image and message that you sent along. Then, all you have to do is to wait for that special occasion and then you can give those custom greeting cards. In most experiences, people will be surprised at first with the inclusion of that custom image in the greeting card. This surprise will turn into appreciation as people realize the thought and effort that it must have taken to produce a custom greeting card.

Those sentiments are prime evidence that people really like receiving custom greeting cards. Just like the olden days. It has always been the best medium for communicating affection then and now. So why break a classic tradition right? Always print custom greeting cards.

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