Creating A Spa In Your Bathroom

Mar 14


Hunter Pyle

Hunter Pyle

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If you have ever been to a spa you will remember the luxury. The towels are thick and soft, the soap thick and enervating, the bath – a luxury to die for. Longing to return to this experience? Can’t afford the daily visits you crave? Why not create a spa in your bathroom?


First,Creating A Spa In Your Bathroom Articles sit down and list what you would like to see as part of your new spa-splendiferous bathroom. Things to consider include a whirlpool bath, multi-purpose shower head, tile floor, surround tub, and coordinated accessories.

Next, examine your budget. Bluntly put: “How much can you afford?” The amount of money you can spend will help determine what you buy and where you buy it as well as where to focus your remodeling plans.

Speaking of budget. Remember, there are various possibilities to obtain less expensive materials to create your splendiferous bathroom spa. Check bathroom supply warehouses and outlets for used, but not abused, material. Consider show cases and last-of –the-line models. Visit shops which have recycled building material stores. Some places, like Habitat For Humanity, have opened stores where such material can be obtained relatively inexpensively.  In the summer, check garage sales. And this is not for the faint of heart, check out the remodeling happening in your neighborhood.  While you might not obtain a new whirlpool bath tub, you might pick up some accessories or other material for a reasonable price.

There are some jobs you can do yourself. There are others you might want to hire an expert for. It depends upon availability of money and time and is also a question of expertise. Decide what you can or are willing to attempt or do before proceeding further with the project. Installing a whirl pool bath with its multi jest can take a day and a half to remove the old tub, prepare the space and install a new tub. More time is involved if you have to patch the walls and repair the tiles. If there is damage, why not redo the walls and floor as well. Maybe, just change the tiles near the tub to create a separation between the spa and the rest of the bathroom.

In lieu of replacing the tub, you might simply replace the shower head. There are many different types of multiple shower heads on the market guaranteed to provide a sensuous experience. The benefit of this replacement is the facility with which it can be installed. Even a raw rookie can install a new shower head within an hour. Simply make sure you have the right tools and supplies: adjustable wrench, channel lock pliers and a slot headed screwdriver, pipe compound or tape, masking or duct tape, cleaners e.g. white vinegar or a decalcifier. You unscrew the old showerhead, clean the area around it, apply pipe joint compound around the water pipe’s screw threads, screw on the new showerhead, tighten it, then turn it on to test it. Tighten more if it is necessary. Your body will appreciate the effort you have made and you will proud of yourself if you have never done this before.

There are other things you can do to create the sense of a spa. Replace all your old and worn towels with big, fluffy new ones. Buy them in attractive and relaxing colors. Coordinate them with the shades of the new or old tiles. Purchase an inflatable pillow to use while in the bath and, if you can’t afford to install a platform around the bath tub, buy a tray that will suit the purpose. You can place on it a book, filled glass and such decadent edibles as chocolate.

Don’t stint on the bubble bath, burn incense and relax, relax, relax.

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