Tips to Organize Your Patio & Porch

Jun 5


Hunter Pyle

Hunter Pyle

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Does your patio or porch need a good cleaning and some organization? Organizing any area takes a good deal of energy. If you know your own energy level with its highs and lows, you will be able to use this store of peak energy to clean and organize anything.

If you are a night owl or an early bird,Tips to Organize Your Patio & Porch Articles work with your own natural timing of energy to help you get the job of organizing everything done without to much trouble of running out of steam.

1. Pick up any clutter or garbage and dispose of properly.

2. Anything that you no longer use or want that is still in useable shape should be given away or donated to charity.

3. Next, move everything off the patio or porch and out of the way while you are organizing your patio and porch.

4. Sweep away all dirt and grime.

5. If your patio or porch can withstand water, take the garden hose and spray down all ceilings, walls, windows and floors.

6. Next use an out door broom for scrubbing any dirt or grime that was not washed away with plain water. You can add a small amount of soap to a bucket of water for cleaning.

7. Rinse the soap off with the water hose again, and take a break while the area dries.

8. On the other hand, if you are still eager to go, and have the hose in hand, wash out any outside garbage cans, spray off the sidewalks or wash out the barbeque grill. If you have a wall type barrier for placing things out of sight, put the garbage cans and grill out of sight.

9. If there are windows, wash those as well, and remember to clean and replace any window screens.

10. Once the area has dried, and you can always use a well-placed fan to help the drying process along much quicker. Begin choosing just what items you will place back on the patio or porch.

11. If you have large furniture, place those first, such as a tables or porch swings. Then place the other items in complimentary areas of the porch or patio.

12. To catch sand and dirt before it gets on the porch or patio, you can place a basket or bin at the step edge and ask everyone to take their shoes off before entering the area and tracking in dirt and grime.

13. A heavy outdoor rug can be placed outside the door, and on the inside place a lighter weight rug, this will also help cut down on a lot of dirt entering the house.

14. If you are limited in shelf space, you can use a plastic bookcase for outdoor storage on the porch and patio.

15. Hanging baskets along the inside ceiling of the area will add some much needed storage space, as well as keeping some things out of a child’s reach.

16. If you have special outdoor furniture that is made of wood, find out the proper way to clean and care for them as this will add years of life to a piece of good outdoor furniture.

17. Once you have your patio and porch clean and organized it really only take a little upkeep every now and then to keep it looking nice, so be sure not to forget to do some outdoor housekeeping while straightening up the inside. You will be glad that you did.

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