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... the really ... ... is full of ... we make hundreds of them every day. Most are ... and minor ones. However, ... we are ... to make vitally importan

Especially the really important ones...

Life is full of decisions; we make hundreds of them every day.
Most are automatic and minor ones. However,Guest Posting occasionally we
are compelled to make vitally important decisions about major
life-goals. These decisions are often practical or ethical ones. For
example, we occasionally have to take major decisions like
choosing a marriage partner (assuming they'll take you, that is),
choosing to leave a partner in marriage, or decisions about what
to do with your life.


A positive attitude to life helps make major decision making far
easier and less stressful. Here are some general hints on
decision making (although it's one of my weakest areas); but
I'm trying hard to improve...

1. Get rid of your mental blocks.

2. Give up the notion that there is only one 'right solution'
to the problem/dilemma you are confronting.

3. Don't fear making a mistake.

4. View your problems as a normal part of life (is that possible?).
Every problem requiring a decision is an
"opportunity in disguise".

5. See yourself not as an indecisive person; but rather someone
who sometimes behaves indecisively...that's a rather kind way
of putting it.

6. Develop your intuition and logic, but listen to what your heart
says (gut feeling).

7. Stop and think before you act. Stop yourself doing the first
thing you think of. That's me for sure!

8. Be specific.

9. Know what your goals and your values are, the principles of
your existence, before taking a major life decision. Ask yourself,
if the ideal outcome is in alignment with your values.

10. Write down all the positive and negative factors for and
against taking a particular course of action. American president,
Benjamin Franklin did it in two columns when confronted with
major decisions.

11. Think how the decision will benefit YOU first. Do what you
and not what other people really want.

12. Try to think calmly and rationally (very difficult for me).

13 ("lucky"). Do your homework and get all the facts before
you make the decision.

14. Get opinions and feedback from others you trust; but don't
let them make the decision for you.

15. Establish priorities and "soulsearch" (for a "soulmate"). Ask
yourself what are the critical factors? What is the single most
important consideration?

16. Trust your impulses, your "gut-feelings". Use your intuition through
meditation - this is "God, the Universe" "speaking" back to us through all
the "accumulated wisdom" of the world.

17. Don't take your decision too seriously; nothing is that
important, no matter how much it appears like that to you. Ask
yourself how much will it really matter in one, five or ten years
time? Remember, no decision is irreversible; if you find out some
way down the track that you've taken the wrong course. But
some decisions are pretty important: finding another lover, or
trading in the "old man" (I chose that word very carefully; so I
wouldn't be beaten up by the feminists).

18. Look for OPPORTUNITIES in any decision. Each "mistake" is
an opportunity to learn. I've launched into a writing "career"
from a "mistake" (???) coming to the other side of the world.
"Crazy wife!" A problem became a great opportunity to do
something I'd never ever thought of doing (is it the "winds of fate",
"the unseen hand of God", perhaps guiding me in a conscious decision).
If you are making mistakes, you are not learning and growing.
So say to yourself, "it doesn't really matter", or "so what"...
then "get into this world".

19. Accept total responsibility for your decisions. Responsibility is
not BLAME - so don't blame others for putting yourself in this
predicament. Sorry 'wif'! This attitude helps to relieve your
anger or resentment and gives one peace of mind.

20. Change course if your strategy is not working - the quality of
your life is at stake. My mistake is that I persist on a chosen
course for far too long at times, like writing! Learn when to
correct your direction. "If you don't change direction, you'll end
up where you're heading".

Bear in mind that pilots are off course on their flight-path 90% of
the time... but they still arrive at their destination. Usually! When
driving you are also continually making little corrections; so there's
hope for me yet.

21. Be prepared to take a few risks in life. Look out for
opportunities. Every successful business or venture started out
with an idea which was a risk. Nothing is infallible. The knowledge
that you can handle anything that comes your way is your key
to allowing yourself to take risks. Security is a state of mind. It's
not having things, it's HANDLING things.

and finally,

22. Look ahead to the future in a spirit of hope and optomism -
the past is already gone. See the path ahead as an adventure
into the unknown and a time for challenge with many new
opportunities. Every problem requiring a decision is an
"opportunity in disguise".

It's a matter of making correct small daily decisions, which are
our "stepping-stones" on the road to success

I love the following quotation...

"The past is history,
the future is a mystery,
and this moment is the gift,
that is why this moment is called the present."
- Depak Chopra

May all your decisions guide you towards a prosperous and happy tomorrow
May all your moments be full of joy and the rich promise of the future.

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