Launches Affiliate Marketing Program

Nov 12


Brian Didier

Brian Didier

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... the leading search engine of niche home base business sites, ... today the launch of an ... ... program. Under the new program ... ... willRe

mediaimage the leading search engine of niche home base business sites, Launches Affiliate Marketing Program Articles announced today the launch of an affiliate marketing program. Under the new program affiliates will
Receive a referral fee for every user they direct to the any of's 650 niche vertical sites. The program is unique in that affiliates are able to link directly to hundreds of relevant topic-specific sites on They can also employ search boxes to search specific niche sites or the entire network.

"Ours is the first and most viral affiliate program of its kind," stated Brian Didier, chairman and CEO of "Webmasters can now link to any one of hundreds of the topic sites, their users' experiences as part of the affiliate program. These benefits are generating 'Net speed word-of-mouth momentum, in
Less than one week and with no promotion, the response has been overwhelming."

The affiliate program works by linking to our site with a special URL that contains your affiliate code. When your users click on that link a cookie is stored on their machine for 30 days. So whether the user signs up and buys something that day, or if that users decides to come back in a few weeks to sign up and purchase, you still get credit for the sale!

The affiliate system includes an Affiliate Dashboard. Here you will be able to view your sales and commission reports, traffic statistics and download banners and html links to add to your website.

"It's FREE to join and you can make substantial revenue with our generous 15% commission payout!" said Brian Didier.

About is the leading network of niche home base business sites for users and marketers. The network includes over 650 highly targeted environments, each Overseen by a professional guide. Each niche provides a Comprehensive consumer experience including the Internet's best link Directories, original content, community features and commerce opportunities.