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In terms of cars, the independent brand cars total sales of 2.6651 million vehicles, up 1.727%, accounting for 29.054% of total sales of cars, market share fell 1.50% from the same period a year earlier.

In the December China auto industry association (hereinafter referred to as "ZhongQi association") auto industry information conference,Guest Posting ZhongQi association secretary-general DongYang said, car production this year more than last year's level, that is, 18 million cars, from now to see, have basic no suspense. Compared with last year, car production this year may have 2% or more growth.The early and ZhongQi association about car market forecast 10% growth still have certain gap. To this, DongYang said, only to car production and sales decline this year so situation estimate shortage, is because in the earlier this year only expected to quit the impact of the car DVD policy, but to give half of the macroeconomic regulation and control of the impact of the estimate shortage.Since 2011, the car purchases duty privilege, car went to the country, to promote the new old change such as the consumption of the policy are cancelled, together with P-, be restricted to do and rising oil prices and other factors, the rapid growth of China's market came to a screeching halt. ZhongQi association statistics show that 2009 Chinese auto sales growth of 46.15%, 2010 sales growth was 32.37%, but in the first 11 months of to expand by only 2.56%.ZhongQi association data shows, annual production peak season appear in January and march, the 2010 law and sales results. Production during the Spring Festival in the off-season and in July, then all the way walk tall, National Day appeared before the production of smaller peak, then fell back slightly. According to law before two years before the Spring Festival. There will be another peak production and marketing.Energy saving subsidy policy adjustment effect is obviousAlthough car sales climbed annulus, but compared with the same period last year, in October and November auto sales are shown negative growth. One October negative growth for 2.42%, November negative growth of 1.07%.The past two years and sales law not obvious. From ZhongQi association nearly two years statistics look, November is often a year-on-year increase of sales in new peak. Such as November 2009 year-on-year sales 96.43% longer pin, 2010 sales up 26.86%, and these are their sales increase backup camera year high.DongYang think, 10 November sales this year, compared to a great extent, the cause of the decline due to new energy subsidies narrowed the scope of subsidies policy be caused by. ZhongQi association, said statistics, 1.6 liters and the following car emissions before nine months year-on-year sales growth, only in the new energy subsidies policies, only sales declined. And 1.6 liters and the following car accounted for more than 70% of total car proportion.According to the work of faith in October this year on the introduction of the new small-engine cars energy-saving huimin policy, subsidies threshold from km to the average fuel consumption 6.9 liters raise km 6.3-liter fuel consumption. This means that nearly 400 car energy subsidies from the list out. This makes that seem to be some almost half of the slow down again, will directly before November auto sales growth down to 3% space, a car sales growth this year total low.Even so, DongYang said the future of the auto industry is still valued, the economic efficiency indicators auto enterprise still in growth. ZhongQi association statistics, key 17 enterprises complete industrial sector was 386.822 billion yuan, up by 7.02%; Achieve sales income is 1.9 trillion yuan RMB, a 9.81% growth year; Complete total profit of nearly 188.748 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 8.04%. Compared with other industries, in macroeconomic regulation and control of the background, the auto industry still got a good revenue.In car segment field, SUV, MPV and buses still keeps the growth of more than 10%, including SUV before November accumulative total sales year-on-year growth of 18.38%, and sales increase of 14.29% cumulative MPV, car sales before November accumulative total year-on-year growth of 7.01%. But half hanged tractor, trucks, cross type car declines are is obvious.The independent brand will face more serious testZhongQi association statistics, November passenger car sales independent brand 570700 cars, 14.47% month-on-month growth, 6.30% year-on-year drop, market share fell 2.99% from the same period a year earlier. By contrast, day are, the ashkenazi, beauty, department of han fasten passenger car brand market share in growth. One of the more growth were Japanese, German department, market share were 19.81% and 15.79%, year-on-year growth of 1.14% and 1.13%; Second growth obvious for Korea is; Beauty is the brand cars are also a 0.36% increase. Market share fell back slightly foreign brand car is law car, shares fell 0.26%.Overall, before November sales this year accumulative total, total sales of passenger vehicles independent brand 5.5235 million cars, 2.34% year-on-year drop, the market share fell 3.28% from a year earlier. Th, department of ashkenazi, beauty, department of Korea and legal system of passenger vehicles accounted for 19.19% of total sales, 16.52%, 11.27%, 8.11% and 2.76%.In terms of cars, the independent brand cars total sales of 2.6651 million vehicles, up 1.77%, accounting for 29.05% of total sales of cars, market share fell 1.50% from the same period a year earlier. Th, department of ashkenazi, beauty, department of Korea and legal system of car respectively 21.37% of total sales of cars, 21.27%, 15.36%, 9.00% and 3.95%.DongYang think, independent brands with joint venture than car brand, still in young period, was not enough to manhood in the joint venture with rival brand. Need to give the independent brand time, let these young growth to 15 years old, 18 years old, 20 years old, enough to strong. "Future independent brand will face more severe challenges." This is not afraid to DongYang, "which we need to a common effort to support independent brand development." But for direction and way, DongYang and not give the clear description.

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