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This article discusses how to buy used helicopters at helicopter sales to take advantage of he conveniences of this rapid mode of transportation at a more affordable price.

Although a private jet is much faster than a helicopter,Guest Posting the latter type of vehicle has the advantage of convenience in terms of not requiring as much as space as an airplane so that you can even land it on the company parking space. For those who have a private pilot license with helicopter rating, they may even land the aircraft on the lawn, if the lawn is big enough and there are no neighbors close by who might complain, of course. With these in mind, you can look for possible helicopter sales on the Internet.Those who went to one of the helicopter schools and then obtained a helicopter pilot license can opt for a small private two-seater aircraft, such as the Zeus. This particular helicopter is sent to you as a kit but you may be able to assemble it into a fully functional helicopter within 350 hours. The small four stroke gasoline-powered engine is mounted in a vertical position but you may also replace it with an automobile engine if you prefer the latter. The whole aircraft only weighs approximately 1,700 pounds.A common helicopter that you may find in helicopter sales is the Robinson R22, which is obviously very popular because of its relatively low price. Like the Zeus, it can seat two people and it has an inexpensive piston engine. Naturally, comfort is compromised in exchange for the low cost but it may suffice for traveling relatively short distances. Of course, for longer distances and for company use, the bigger helicopters are required. You may want to consider aircraft that are produced by companies like AgustaWestland in the UK and Italy. This company is even selling pre-owned helicopters, such as the Agusta Bell AB206B, the Agustawestland B206 Jet Ranger II, the Agustawestland AW109S, and the Agustawestland AW109E.However, remember that if you plan to do the flying yourself, then you will might not enjoy the ride although if you really love flying helicopters this may not be true. Perhaps, an option that you may want to consider aside from looking for helicopter sales is to charter a helicopter whenever you need it. Some of the helicopters that are usually available for chartering are the Single Squirrel Helicopter, the Bell Jetranger Helicopter, the Agusta 109 Helicopter, the Eurocopter EC-120 Helicopter, and the Twin Squirrel Helicopter. The Single Squirrel can carry five passengers and has a maximum cruising speed of 140 mph. The Bell Jetranger can take four passengers and its maximum cruising speed is 125 mph. the Agusta 109 is a twin helicopter that can carry six passengers and its maximum cruising speed is 160 mph. The Eurocopter EC-120 can take four passengers and its maximum cruising speed is 140 mph. The Twin Squirrel is a twin-engine helicopter with seats for five passengers and its maximum cruising speed is 140 mph.

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