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Add extra storage by installing ute storage drawers on your van.

Our vehicles are the primary tools that we use for our business and even personal use. For those looking to use their vehicles to their fullest potential,Guest Posting one of the greatest areas of interest are installing ute storage drawers for extra storage.

As a craftsman, you will want to have as much space as possible and usable space to be efficient. When doing your design, you want to first start with a rack system. A rack system will allow you to frame out your overall design as well as allow you to build a structure that will be most efficient.

Use old pipes and other reclaimed materials

Building a storage system doesn’t have to be expensive or made out of the greatest materials. To save money, consider using some old pipes, reclaimed wood and even different scraps of wood, metal and even glass. When you have these items, you can use your creativity and build a unique system that works for you.

Hidden areas

If you are going to carry a lot of cash with you or even expensive equipment and tools, you may want to consider a little added security. One of the most overlooked option is to install a false floor. When looking at a false floor for van, you want to install it somewhere people won’t even think of looking or underneath a larger and heavier component to deter people from finding it.

When using this type of trick, you can install several of them. One could be a decoy, and another could be where you keep your main valuables. Another option when using these types of add-on’s you could install electronic devices and even extra outlets for power. The options are endless.

Caring for your vehicle

Adding ute storage drawers or a false floor and drawers for a van are great ways to stay organised. Once they are installed it is important that you learn how to keep your vehicle clean and organised. With shelves, drawers, and other storage units you want to make sure that you use them correctly. You want to sketch out where your primary items that you will use are located. With heavy items you want them located where they won’t shift when the vehicle is in motion. If you were to drive and take a sharp turn, you don’t want all of your items to fall all over the cargo area of your vehicle.

Locked Drawers

Another option that you will want to consider is having locked drawers. When drawers are locked you are adding a level of security to your content as well as ensure that they don’t come open in transport. Label your drawers as well. Using a printer, label maker or even just a sharpie will help mark what you have and where. For many professionals, times is money and spending time looking for pieces and parts isn’t cost effective.

The design of your vehicle’s storage units will determine how you will work in the future. Taking your time and looking at all of the different options that you have available to you will ensure you make the proper decisions in your storage unit purchases.

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