Was driver killed in Tesla Model S Autopilot crash watching a movie?

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Joshua Brown -- the man who died in what could be the first fatal accident involving Tesla’s Autopilot feature -- may have been watching a movie in the car dvd player  and the android car GPS was working when the crash took place.


According to the Associated Press,Guest Posting the driver of the truck Brown fatally collided with said that Brown was watching a “Harry Potter” film while the accident took place; the movie reportedly kept playing in the android car stereo after the accident.


Sergeant Kim Montes of the Florida Highway Patrol later spoke with Reuters and confirmed that “there was a portable car DVD player in the vehicle.”


The AP also reported that Brown also had eight speeding tickets on his records; however, the most recent one was from 2011.


Brown had a long and well-documented history of Autopilot use. Two months ago, he uploaded a video of the system “saving his life.” The dash cam video shows a boom truck drive into the lane of the Tesla Model S by using gm navigation and then shows the Tesla swerve out of harm's way.


Brown himself mentions in the video description, “You can see where I took over when there's a little bit of blip in the steering. Tessy [sic] had already moved to the right to avoid the collision. I was not able to slow down even more due to the heavy traffic (cars were behind me). Once I got behind him I slowly added more room between us until he exited. I was not tail gating [sic] after the incident.”


The video of Brown dodging the boom truck is just one of many of his Tesla-related YouTube uploads.


Some might think that autopilot performed the evasive maneuver completely independently by gm navigation; that's not quite the case. In reality, the system moved subtly -- and notified Brown to pay attention and retake control of the car.

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