5 important things you must include in your Exhibition Stand Design

Sep 11


Blueprint Global

Blueprint Global

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A lot of trade exhibitions take place in and around Europe every year, drawing hundreds of exhibitors who showcase their best work amid large audience. Participating in trade exhibitions is as important as investing in a well-designed exhibition stand as it helps to grab visitor’s attention instantly. Whether you are participating in large conventions or small conferences, it’s important to have a unique and creative display to catch people’s interest.


The competition at trade events is quite intense. This means you need to stand out and make a real deal by investing in a completely unique and inviting exhibit. Here are five important things that you must include in your exhibition stand to create the perfect exhibit. 

  1. Attractive and meaningful graphics 

A picture can say a thousand words and with the attractive and powerful graphics on your stand,5 important things you must include in your Exhibition Stand Design Articles you can convey your brand’s message to the audience in the most appropriate manner. An image plays a very important role in forming the look of your display, so be attentive while choosing the perfect graphic for your display stand. You can hire a professional exhibition stand builder to construct the best looking stand for your business. 

  1. Interesting layouts and floor plans 

The shape of your stand is actually the skeleton of your booth that determines how your stand will appear once installed at the event location. The shape and size of the booth should be in a way that helps visitors learn more about your brand and your services. So, if you are planning to have a basic display, a simple linear or a corner stand will do the job for you. However, if you wish to add intense decorations, the layouts must be designer-approved. 

  1. Stunning carpets and flooring

Invest in a beautiful carpet and flooring to make the interiors of your exhibition stand look stunning and comfortable for the visitors. You can accessorize the flooring with elegant furniture, showpieces, live plants, and more. While choosing the floor material, ask your stand contractor to consider using carpets, tiles, foams, rubbers or printed flooring to enhance the look of your stand. Before choosing the flooring, make sure that you check the long-term maintenance cost of the item and see its impact on your budget.

  1. Bright and shining lightings

A well-lit exhibition stand not only looks attractive but also highlights the products on display and brightens up the surrounding. It helps you get your exhibit noticed by attendees and draw visitors to your stand. You can use LED spotlights to throw attention on some of your exclusive products or graphics that speaks of your brand. These lighting can also be used to hide away any problem area that you might have in your stand.

  1. Necessary storage rooms

If you are participating in a big event somewhere in Europe, your exhibition stand needs to be huge to gain maximum exposure. A big stand means a large display and a lot of storage space. It is important to have storage to conceal some of your products especially on occasions like a sale. Storage spaces can also be used to put away any personal valuables of your staff present at the stand on the day of the exhibition. 

To make your experience smooth and better, look for an exhibition stand contractor in Europe to design and build an interesting looking stand for your upcoming exhibition. 

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