Help with Picking Exhibition Displays

Apr 1


Murphy Lapland

Murphy Lapland

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Deciding upon the correct exhibition displays when your business is exhibiting at a trade show is vital, your exhibition stand needs to be eye catching, attractive, and alluring to help entice potential customers into viewing your products or services.

There are a wide range of various types of exhibition displays to help promote your businesses products or services at an event,Help with Picking Exhibition Displays  Articles each will require careful thought as not only do you want each of your exhibition displays to look elegant individually, but the exhibition stand needs to flow together visually as a whole with one common theme.Exhibition StandsOf all your exhibition displays for an event, a stand will usually be your biggest single purchase as it will be your heavyweight advertising tool to draw in visitors. Exhibition stands come in an array of designs and styles such as banner stands,  modular stands, pop up stands, digital display stands and twist banner stands to name just a few, each has their own merit and selling point and it will be up to your discretion to choose which style would best suit your exhibition space. You want your exhibition stand to have the biggest impact possible, so it’s certainly one area you really need to focus onExhibition FurnitureA well laid out exhibition stand is hugely  essential, you want it to appear interesting and inviting without feeling cluttered and overdone, that is why you will need to choose each piece of your exhibition displays on merit in terms of both functionality and visual prowess. Exhibition furniture can be used in two ways, to help with the general running of your exhibition stand such as a reception counter or computer plinths, or to display your products. When you are choosing a display counter or cabinet to showcase your products be careful to both measure and weigh each item for display individually and choose counters which will be able to both fit each item and comfortably hold the weight.Exhibition furniture can come with the option of Velcro sides for attaching graphics, so customizing is an easy task.You could also decide to rent exhibition furniture from a supplier instead of purchasing your own, but be sure to hire them in good time before the exhibition date as suppliers tend to run out leading up the trade show. If you do decide to hire exhibition displays, it’s a good general practice to view them first hand to make sure they are in reasonable condition, a scratched or damaged piece of exhibition furniture will reflect badly on your stand and business.LecternsIf you are planning on doing a product demonstration or simply a short public talk at an exhibition, a lectern is a must as it will add an authoritative feel to your speaking. Lecterns have the option of being fitted with a microphone so you can be both clearly heard and reach a larger audience. If you do plan on using a lectern be sure to practice your presentation regularly prior to the exhibition, preparation is the key to good public speaking.