MLM China (Gold Rush)

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Many China people signed up as members because they were told MLM networking business is the Golden Opportunity which provide them international business and can EARN UP to USD 400,000 per month.

MLM China (Gold Rush)

Biggest Business Opportunity ONLY with harmonybest Team in bHIP


MLM New market in China with billions population eagerly to become members

Great news,Guest Posting harmonybest Team just entered China market since December 2010. We have successfully sponsored many China members using offline warm marketing closing. Our Team members aggressively promoting bHIP, a USA MLM company where the HQ office is based in Hong Kong, China.


Photos of Asia Leaders taken in Hong Kong, China on December 2010. Several Leaders of harmonybest Team have divided our market directions to China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to support our downlines at respective Countries.

But we plan and focus our business direction in China and currently we are promoting and marketing aggressively in China Market and decided to stay in China from June 2011 onwards ( exact date and time will be announced at asialeadersblog )


China MLM market just like Gold Rush in California hundred years ago. Many China people signed up as members because they were told MLM networking business is the Golden Opportunity which provide them international business and can EARN UP to USD 400,000 per month. Just like Amway 40 years ago when the Americans heard about MLM business.


The big difference is that China population is huge in billions and now China people are rich due to the growing economy. Therefore, this is the biggest opportunity for the capable MLM Top Leaders Worldwide who ARE Serious in Making BIG Money.

Western top MLM leaders must seize this Golden Opportunity as bHIP compensation plan is with no flush policy and allows members to earn up to USD 400,000 per month. The highest Binary Matching bonus in the MLM industry.


On top of that, the leadership bonus is 20 % of all the direct sponsors’ monthly income. The Surviving Rate for members in bHIP is Very Good as bHIP Fast Started Bonus payout is sufficient and MORE THAN enough to cover the initial expenses of members when recruiting New Members.


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We, harmonybest Team specially combined our offline marketing skills with MLSP and Mike Dillard online strategies.


MLM China “Gold Rush” USD 400,000/month Be The Pioneer of China Market Follow the Right Leaders in the Right Team.

Must Join with the Right MLM Company.


Do Not Miss Opportunity in Life Again. harmonybest Team, Leaders of Asia just entered MLM CHINA Market on December 2010.

We can HELP you build thousands and thousands of China and Asia members below you.

EVERYONE IN harmonybest Team MAKE MONEY.


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