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Last week, we got one fantastic incredible testimony, a 4th stage breast cancer patient save her own life FROM DEATH after taking this Great Product.

My dear Indonesian friends,Guest Posting
Robinhut, Hartono Hui, Anderson, Haji Subianto and others

Long time no see, I’m going to Medan to meet all of you.

And I like to propose one big business opportunity.

This product is the world highest anti oxidant, called Maqui Berry fruit juice from USA.

Last week, we got one fantastic incredible testimony, a 4th stage breast cancer patient save her own life FROM DEATH after taking this Great Product.

Below is her photo testimony.

Many people failed in MLM Business are because:-
1. Product no good

2. Plan can not make money
3. Monthly maintenance fee is too high
4. Up lines and down lines
 do not help each other

5. No chance to be THE WORLD PIONEER

Now we have No.1 Best Product, Maqui Berry, today is the world highest anti oxidant, 3 times better than acai berry ( monavie ) and 4.5 times better then xango mangosteen.

Patagonian Maqui Berry, highest anti oxidant with ORAC value 94,500 able to neutralize free radical effectively and fight against Cancer.

NO.2, we have the best plan to make money, the highest in the MLM industry. Strong leaders can earn up to USD 400,000 per month as the plan is infinity plus no flush policy.

No.3 the monthly maintenance fee is very low and very reasonable only at RM 115 per month and u will be received 1 bottle of Maqui Berry Great Product for your own family consumption.


No.4 join me now today to be THE WORLD PIONEER.

No.5 my success system, harmonybest system is up lines and down lines work together, team work is very important.

Strong up lines put 2 sides for the hardworking weaker down lines, so that weaker down lines can make money, slowly making more money then after 3 years when the team grow in members, all of us CAN MAKE A LOT OF MONEY.

If we do not work together as a harmony team, strong leaders only put 1 side for the members, then if the down lines members at the beginning very hard to survive, for sure after 6 to 9 months, all these weak down line members would become NON ACTIVE.

Therefore we will be wasting a lot of time, hard work and money, recruiting many thousands of members and at the end 90% of the members NON ACTIVE and dead.

That is why so many people and even old timers in this MLM business failed very badly and they keep on changing MLM Company and some of them even curse that MLM business CAN NOT DO.


They failed because they choose the wrong company with the wrong product and wrong plan.


They failed because they are selfish, don’t help down lines to make money by putting 2 sides for them to make money so that they can continue to maintain and active for MANY YEARS under you.


Now all my friends, it is good all of you did not join me last time. I have to admit I failed in my first MLM business to help my down lines make money because I thought they can be strong and better than me because I’m new in MLM Business, and they are experience net workers. Now I learn and gain this experience ( wisdom ) from this failure AND I PUT 2

Now I want all of you join me as the chart below, working as a team, helping each others to make money.


1. Robinhut
2. Hartono Hui
3. Anderson
4. Kim chai
5. Bank officer
6. Haji Subianto
7. Li Fen
8. Huat Chai
9. Robinhut friend ( experience MLM )
10. ?
11. ?
12. Hotel staff
14. ?
15. Lily brother ( experience MLM )

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