Finding the Best Yoga Bag for Your Yoga Session

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So, next time when you are in the market to buy a yoga mat bag, look for these features and you will get the best one. Please share your comments below what you have liked in the bag.

Yoga mats help you to do your exercise and yoga anywhere on the earth. However,Guest Posting the most both lightweight and heavy yoga mats should be strapped up properly else, they will just untangle. You will never want to carry your water bottle and keys in one hand and a yoga mat on another hand. So, here comes the yoga mat bag to the rescue. Your hands will be free while sipping your favorite coffee. Just sling the mat over your shoulder and walk with ease. Rather putting a rope strap around the mat to hold it properly and it can also break easily, it is best to buy a mat bag. This post is all about choosing the perfect yoga mat bag so that you can do your yoga in peace and not worry about carrying with your hands.

Size and Material

Just like your footwear, you need to choose the correct sized mat bag. Many new yogis commit the mistake of going for the look over substance. The reality is those standard yoga mat bags endorsed by top sporting gear brands works well only for thin PVC-type mats. Serious yogis always buy a good quality mat bag. Your premium quality mat requires a yoga mat bag that is more durable and bigger.

Yoga enthusiasts love yoga mat carriers that are eco-friendly and made of natural as well as breathable materials like linen, nylon, or cotton for reducing bacterial growth. This helps you to practice yoga with a peace of mind with Mother Nature. The breathable material allows your mat to air out even when you have completed a yoga session. Generally, you will not get enough time to put your mat in the open, as you will be rushing to the office. This is when a yoga mat bag having breathable materials becomes very useful. Canvas yoga bags work perfectly as they are very durable and you can easily chuck into the washing machine when dirty.

Design and Versatility

Girls who are into yoga look for a bag that looks pretty with flowery or yogic patterns. They are always looking for their favorite color and tote yoga bags are available in long tube design that you can comfortably sling over the shoulder. There are some latest variants of bags available that has a hoodie feature. With a hoodie, you can cover your yoga mat and protect it from dust while traveling. However, it is important to remember that your cutest bag will make no sense if it is unable to protect your mat the way it should.

Another feature the bag should possess is versatility and functionality. Not only the bag can able to hold the mat properly but have dedicated compartments for storing your towel, wallet, keys, change of clothes and water bottle. Apart from carrying the bag to the yoga session, you can also use for other activities including a short hike, family trip, and many others.

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