Intelligent DMX LED Driver and DMX LED Controller Enable Building Lighting Automation

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DMX LED driver is an intelligent power supply which integrates DMX dimming interface. A power supply means a device converts AC voltage input to DC voltage output. DMX is a digital addressable lighting control interface which can address each device in the system. It is a perfect solution for big lighting projects.

A DMX control system requires a master controller that sends out DMX signal,Guest Posting slave controllers that receive the signal. A DMX driver is a slave. A master controller can be a console or a PC interface software. Each DMX system has 512 addresses, therefore a master is capable of controlling max. 512 slaves. It also supports group and scene control. Each slave can be configured to a group and all slaves in the same group can be controlled synchronously and different groups can be controlled separately.


The input voltage of a DMX LED driver can be different depending on different requirements of various countries and areas. Generally in North America area, a wide input voltage range will be required, such as 100-277VAC. And in Europe, a narrow input range is ok, such as 200-240VAC. The output can be constant current or constant voltage to fit different types of DC LED lighting. The constant current version can be used for LED downlights and LED panel lights, and the constant voltage version can be used for DC LED strip lights.


The master DMX LED controller sends out DMX signal to the slaves (DMX LED drivers), the drivers convert it to PWM to dim the connected LED light. The maximum cable length from master to salve can not exceed 300m.


Once you know how the DMX LED driver works, then how to choose a reliable one? There are some tips for your reference as follows:


Power factor and efficiency are the first to consider. Power factor is parameter that defines the power that does useful work. Efficiency is parameter defines how energy efficient a driver is. Both of them are the most important parameters. The driver with higher power factor and efficiency will be more energy efficient and save more power bills.


Flickering and noise are the second to consider. Since a dimmable driver will always be used to dim the brightness of connected LED light. Flickering is not allowed since it will be harmful to human eyes. Using a smart phone to take video of the light when dimming will help you to check whether it is flicker free or not. Noise may caused by high ripple current or PWM frequency. A silent LED driver shall have low ripple current or PWM frequency.

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