The application of boron-containing additives

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Purity boron powder can be used for manufacturing oil drilling, milling, turning tools, replace various industrial carbide drill, take advantage of its hardness, resistance characteristics, in the military, machinery, aerospace, chemical, in the pharmaceutical and other industries have widely used. 

99.9999% of the boron powder is mainly used for the monocrystalline silicon dopant,Guest Posting but also used for special additives and polycrystalline diamond, and other fields in the alloy materials.

Over the past decade, many metal powder suppliers are studying the friction properties of the boron additives, thought that boric acid ester is adsorbed on the friction surface plays the role of anti-wear, measure the friction surface film contains substances such as BN and FeB. Boric acid ester is electron-deficient system, B3 + have strong electrophilic performance, since the time of the P orbit can capture foreign electronic, there is a strong tendency to reach 8 electronic stability structure. In the friction process of the mechanical action, so that the surface defects become energy rich center, when the energy is gathered to the greater than the work function of the electron, the metal surface will be emitted outside excited electron. Electron-deficient boric acid ester can easily receive such outer excited electron, and the adsorption film is formed on the metal surface. Formation of the outside excited electron adsorption functions under low load, have the friction reducing effect, the adsorption capacity is stronger than the physical adsorption film, and therefore the boron shows a good antifriction effect than the base oil. However, the high load make this film can rupture the bond, the high energy BO bond breaking, isolating boron atoms penetrate the metal surface to form a wear layer of boron-containing compounds.

The most commonly used laboratory assessment of four-ball machine additives extreme pressure abrasion resistance, the PB values embodied oil film strength, wear scar diameter size is reflected in the ability of anti-wear additives, boron can significantly reduce the wear scar diameter, increase the PB, when the dosage exceeds 1%, this change is slowed down, which may be the additive adsorbed on the metal surface has become saturated the sake.

The prominent antioxidant is another great feature of boron, good thermal oxidation stability to ensure that the oil will not in the long-term use due to the oxidative decomposition and polycondensation reaction of the lubricating oil viscosity, acid value and corrosive increased to generate sludge and sedimen to affect normal use of oil, lubricating oil oxidation resistance by rotating the oxygen bomb test to assess, the oxygen pressure dropped to a predetermined indicators longer required, then the better the oxidation resistance of the additive. The new additive product identification must be fully formulated assessed the boron agent pleiotropic, low dose so that oil, widely used in the gear oil.

Boron is an excellent thermal stability and new wear extreme pressure additive, the extreme pressure mechanism with traditional parathion type additive. Parathion type extreme pressure antiwear agent is generated due to the chemical reaction occurs under heat and pressure generated when the sliding of the metal surface with the metal surface, and boron is generated on the friction surface semi-solid, a strong adhesion of the elastic borate salt film. The thickness of the film of the borate is sulfur, phosphorus extreme film ten times, with a high load carrying capacity and impact resistance.

With the development of chinese auto industry, environmental protection, the continuous introduction of energy-saving regulations and enforcement increased, in the near future, the boron-containing environmental protection, energy-saving additive widely used. Wherein the Boronated succinimide has to improve the compatibility of lubricants and rubber seals, especially the viton compatible resistance is a very important performance, make the boronated succinimide with good application prospects, and the future market demand is potential.


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