Who Makes Celine. Dion Pregnancy?

Nov 13


cathy chen

cathy chen

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Celine. Dion has named her twins as Eddy and Nelson


The Birth of twins

The information about Celine. Dion and her twins always make headlines recently. Celine. Dion gave birth to the twins boys by caesarian section in a hospital in Florida at 11:11 October 24th. They are separately 2.3kg and 2.29kg. She,Who Makes Celine. Dion Pregnancy? Articles her husband and their children are very happy. The whole period was recorded by digital Camcorder  

As they are born earlier than it expected, so they should stay in the infant incubator for few days. At the same time, Dion is tired, she needs to sleep and have rest for few days. So now, the couple has named her twins as Eddy and Nelson. This news makes thousands of her fans crazy.   

 Actually, it is very difficult for Celine.Dion at her 42 years old to get pregnancy. She and her husband both strongly want more children, even though they have a 9years old boy. So she has tried several ways before. She accepted artificial fertilization five times, but failed every time. The success is such a great surprise for Dion.

 The period of pregnant

 Is this successful pregnant by chance? Of course not, except other experts, The Canada acupuncturist Aina Zhang is the man who makes Dion regency successfully. She is the alumni of traditional Chinese Medicine of Guangzhou and has her own clinic in Canada for more than ten years. She recorded the whole period since she began to do the course of acupuncture treatment for Dion, in the following, she would share the information with us.

 The acupuncturist Aina Zhang was introduced to Dion by a friend. At that time, Dion was badly hurt by the failed five artificial fertilizations and are tired both physically and mentally under the Great Spirit pressure. Thus the team was named as "The Dream", which include one doctor in charge, two gynecologists and the acupuncturist Aina Zhang.

 In the first two weeks, Aina Zhang closed her click in Canada and flied to Florida to do Acupuncture for her body and ears everyday. Then in the following two weeks, she would fly from another city to Florida in the morrow. Dion would accept the special acupuncture like this within three months.

 On March 22, It is time for Dion to check in hospital whether she is pregnant or not. Everybody is nervous. Aina Zhang even can't focus attention to do anything. At noon, she called Dion's sister, but she also didn't get dion's message. But in the afternoon, Dion called her excitedly, "I am pregnant now. We are successful" Later, she gave a DV of a world tour to Aina Zhang and wrote a letter said" Acupuncture is a legendary skill; you are the supernatural doctor with it"

 The Miracle of Acupuncture

How much can the Acupuncture contribute to the successful pregnant? Aina Zhang said, it not only can advance the quality and quantity of the ovum, but enhance the blood supply of ovary and womb. According to the record of Canada Reproductive Medicine Center, The percent pregnancy rate would improved by 30% to 40%, if the women would accept the acupuncture treatment constantly before and after pregnant.

 Aina Zhang met many troubles during the acupuncture treatment; For one thing, the time is limited, for another. Dion is tired physically and mentally. What's more, it is the cryogenic sperm ten years before. But she still fully brought it to play. Additionally, the acupuncture treatment just cost 10% of the artificial insemination.

 Aina Zhang is also the fan of Seline.Dion, so she brought a digital camcorder to record the scenes, when she do the acupuncture treatment for Dion every time and cherished the video and picturesque as the treasures. The journalist asked, "Would you sell the precious record to other fans ?""If thousands of fans want to share the memory with me , I would take it into consideration"