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Rust is sometimes what gives a thing greater attention compared to not having it at all. Maybe this is because a lot are enthralled by its aged look.

In an article written by Joyce Evans entitled Rusty Type Effects,Guest Posting the author in response to a reader, gave steps on how to make a rusty font. In the tutorial, she used a pattern file and several effects to produce text that appears to be rusted. “You can change the look by changing the pattern, the offset of the lower layer, and even the shadow. After you do this exercise, experiment by adding different effects to the edges of the text or try different strokes for a variety of results”, she explained. The Source of the tutorial was PNG file and Rusty texture. Click here to download.

Here is how it is done:

1 Open a new canvas

2 Select the Text tool and click on the canvas.

3 Fill & Load. This first text object is going to be used as the edge of the final or top text layer. To fill this bottom layer of the text, Open the Fill panel from the Fill category, choose Pattern. In the Pattern Name area, scroll down and choose Other. A dialog box will open allowing you to locate the pattern to fill with. Navigate to the location you saved the file; select it and click on Open.

4 Set the Lines. In the Texture area of the Fill panel, choose Line-Horiz 1 and 100% for the Amount of Texture

5 Color & Texture. To bring back a bit of the color that was lost by applying the texture, open the Effects panel, from the Add effects and presents drop-down menu, choose Adjust Color|Hue/Saturation.

6 Choose Edit|Clone. You don't need the effects you added to the text for the top text object. To remove the existing effects from the cloned text, click on the Hue/Saturation Effect in the Effects panel and then click on the trash can icon to delete it.

7 Fill the Fill. In the Fill panel, change the Texture Amount to 0%

8 Place & Nudge. The amount you nudge the top text object will depend on the size of the text.

9 Stroke the Stroke. In the Stroke panel, from the Stroke Category, choose Charcoal and Soft for the Stroke name. The Tip size is 1.

10 Affect the Effects. From the Effects panel choose Adjust Color/Brightness And Contrast and enter a value of 20 in the Contrast area. Click on OK.

11 Select both text objects. Choose Select|Select All (Ctrl/Cmd+A).

12 Modify: Choose Modify|Group.

13 The final touch. Add a shadow from the Effects panel. Shadow And Glow|Drop Shadow. Change the settings of the distance, softness and opacity depending on thefont used.

There you have it! A well-crafted rusted font!

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