First dates are the most important. How to handle them correctly?

Feb 3


Chris Staples

Chris Staples

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How to handle your first 3 dates? There are plenty of things to consider before even arranging your dates. Remember, these are 3 the most important dates if you are serious in your intentions. So, check these important tips not to scare her away.


Your first 3 dates with a girl answer pretty much all the questions. Also they show if it makes sense to continue seeing each other.

So,First dates are the most important. How to handle them correctly? Articles if you really like the girl and don’t want to scare her away you should prepare beforehands. There will be no excuses if you fail.

Furthermore, you should be attentive to how the relationship is developed. All 3 dates will be 100% different.

But the good thing is, there are some life hacks that can help you find out when to schedule a date, which place to visit and what to do during these extremely important dates.

First Date

So, you are determined to ask your crush out on a date. There are plenty of creative ways, like pick up lines, jokes, etc. And there are some classic approaches like sending a message or directly introducing yourself.

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Anyway, the first date is the best time to get to know each other.

Hence, you want to choose some convenient quiet place, where you can have a nice talk. The best options are walking down the river bank or local park with a cup of coffee.

Then, you can visit some quiet places like cafes, pizza houses, where you can continue your conversation.

Try to make her speak. This evening is all about her. Good examples of questions are:

  • What is her job?
  • Does she like her job at all?
  • What is her hobby?
  • If she has any brothers or sisters?
  • What movies, music, sports does she like?

This way you will get to know her better and will have better ideas for the next dates.

Another tip for the first date is not to make it too long and tiring. It would be even wiser to make it a little shorter than you both would want. Even if you are having a nice time. Hereby she will want to see you again whatsoever.

Above all make sure to text her after the date. Thank her for the evening and tell that you would be happy to see her again some time.

Second Date

Timing is also a rather important factor. There was special research conducted on how long should you wait between the first and the second date. Apparently in some cases it can be 1-2 days, in others 1-2 weeks. It depends on how well you know each other, whether you work or study together and how well was the first date. However if you met on a dating site then 1 day will be more than enough. By the way, online services are a good starting point for your relationships. Here is the list of free dating sites and hookup apps.

So, where to go on the second date? The best option is her favourite place. For example, if you found out on the 1st date that she loves romantic movies, offer her to go to the cinema to watch some romantic comedy. If she states she is crazy about Japanese cuisine you can visit a local Asian food restaurant.

Here is the full list of recommended second date ideas. As you can see the places to go are all about her favourite things and hobbies. You want her to feel comfortable and happy.

Another important question is whether you should kiss on the second date? If you didn’t kiss on the 1st one and the 2nd date goes well then the kiss is highly recommended. On the one hand, it shows your determination and courage. On the other hand you don’t want to waste your time. Even though the first kiss is super important, it became quite a regular thing in the 21st century.

Third Date

Usually if you got to the third date you are officially a boyfriend and a girlfriend. most likely you had some romantic time and chatting in messenger. And the most important is that you already had your first kiss.

Now you have to behave as “her man”. Everything you do and say has to display your confidence and willingness to protect.

The time gap between the second and the third date should be short. Usually 3-5 days is more than enough to start missing each other and understand what direction you want to move in your relationship.

In order to pick the right place for your 3rd date think of what would be the most special and romantic place for her. For example, it can be a nice fancy restaurant, or a Rooftop Dinner. A good bottle of wine would also be nice.

On this date you can speak about your feelings, tell her compliments and ask what she thinks about you and dating you.

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Statistics says that the first sex in the USA dating happens on the 3rd date. Therefore, make sure you think about this in advance. Make sure you have a bottle of champagne and some fruits in your fridge. Also, clean the apartment and prepare some good romantic music. It may not end up with sex, but you spend a good time together anyways.

Wrap Up

All these tips are for those who look for a serious relationship. If one looks for just a one night affair he doesn’t have to follow them. But if you are seeking for a soulmate make sure to use them.

Obviously, there are plenty of things that may happen during the dates or between them. You should manage any obstacle carefully.

Also, there are no 100% working techniques and life hacks. Your crush may deny the date. In most of the cases it is not because of you though. She may be recovering after long lasting relationships or super busy with her job, family or social work. You can always try again.

The main formula here will be: confidence + readiness + honesty. Take each relationship as a precious experience and act decisively. Good luck!

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