Anti-theft Guide for Phones on Bus

Nov 15


cathy chen

cathy chen

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I summarize some tips of anti-theft by my experience and the knowledge in book. Hope this would be useful for you.


My threebar phones have been stolen constantly three month ago on the bus,Anti-theft Guide for Phones on Bus  Articles which made me very angry, sad and helpless. Thus I have been very careful and pay more attention to the safety of my own things and also warn other passengers to protect their treasure. During half a year, I summarize some tips of anti-theft by my experience and the knowledge in book. Hope this would be useful for you. 

 1, pay more attention to the people around you.

Most thefts are men, who would dress up as the small tradesmen or the workers with empty-hand. They maybe keep in little good condition, not very well, or not as bad as the cleaner. Commonly, they are not prominent. So we should be careful.

2, be away from the crowded group

You need to be careful, if many people are crowded together before the door. As the thefts are always hidden in the group and steal the passengers who are eager to get in or out of bus or subway.

3, notice the warning of the driver

It’s better for you to look around and take care, if the driver especially mentions the passengers, As they may found some suspicious signs. They may usually said, “The passengers get into the bus, please don’t gather before the door!” “Please take care of your pocket!”

4, the dangerous places

The most dangerous place are on those seats which can sit together on line, If there are few passengers on bus, so it’s better to sit the double seats or the single seat. The gangway between the front door and the back door is the dangerous place, if is very crowded. To stand on the gangway in the back of bus is your best choice.

5, be careful with your bags

Girls like to take bags such as handbags or pack bags. It would be safer, if you could put your bags especially your pack bags before chest. Your hands naturally protect your bags. What’s more, your coat should be buttoned.

6, don’t dress up too well

On your official business, if you dress commonly without any luxurious jewels and famous bags, which would definitely reduce the attention of the theft. At the same time, some valuable things such as digital cameras, Mp3, cell phones and cash would be kept in the private places.

 7, Put your important things in the safer places

Your important things should be kept in those places where it is hard to take off thing, as it would be difficult for theft to steal it. The outside pocket of jacket, the pocket of your trousers aside and your pack bag are the easiest place for theft. They may zip down or cut your pocket with knife. At the same time, the most private places are not the safest places such as the inner pocket of your bags. If they are cut, it is hard for you to notice it.

 8, Tie your phone

It is the safest way for you to tie your phone to your package or clothes. The line should be suitable; so that you can you take it out make a phone call. This line can be get in the shop.

9, record the important information in your phone

It is necessary to record periodically your important information in your phone to avoid the inevitable missing. Personally, I think the Net Disk with 20M would be useful. The telephone numbers would be backup.

10, Punish the theft

If you find the theft, you must warm him firmly; always they would go away with a hangdog air. If you have been stolen, you can catch him, send him to police station and invite the passengers as the witness.

These tips have been shared among my friends and many other passengers, which benefit lots of people. All in all, you need to take care of your phone on buy or subway. My new bar phone is quietly in my package, and I believe it wouldn’t be stolen any more. Here I share these tips for protect your phone. Hope this would also be helpful for you.