How You Go About Creating a Good Domain Name for Your Website

Nov 3




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It is easy to create your own good domain name for your business even though it is said that almost all good quality dot com names are taken. One of the options is to try names that sound the same, are short and also easy to pronounce.

It is not difficult to choose a good domain name; however,How You Go About Creating a Good Domain Name for Your Website Articles a number of people are clueless about the process. The first thing you have to do with your chosen name is search to see if it has been taken. This is easily done; you can either search through one of the domain registrars, or turn to the Whois database.

If you think you have a great name and it is available, you'll want to jump right on it. One thing you need to remember is that many of the best domains have been taken by the dot com web sites; however, you can still find a good memorable name. Do everything you can to avoid trademark names. Not only is it unethical to try to cash in on these names but it could very soon be illegal also.

These companies have spent money and time working on recognition and they'll work diligently to get their names back. Legislation is pending that could make it very difficult to use a trademarked name. You can create names that are memorable and popular without this practice. The best names are the ones that stick in the mind, in other words they are memorable. Business names are a good option as they describe your product or business. Take for example

Another way to create a memorable good domain name is to choose a name that arouses a visual image, is a prime example. Shorter names are much better most of the time however sometimes adding to the length will make the domain more memorable. Another thing to remember is to keep your name easy to pronounce. Before you know it, people will be talking about it on the phone, radio ads or in casual conversation. Avoid names that only work in print, or need to be spelled in order to be understood.

It is not a good idea to choose a domain name with homophones. Consider being creative with words that sound the same but are spelled differently like and, these may sound alike but in actuality each of these website is different. When creating a good domain name avoid shady characters and spaces or dashes. Remember a domain name cannot begin or end with a dash, and the length can be anything up to 63 characters. Finally be sure to only do business with a reputable domain registration company, even if a certain company is offering super cheap domains.

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