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Designing a dorm room can be very fun and exciting. Although the space is marginal it's like your own personal haven. The dorm room will serve as your home away from home so you want to make it comfy and convenient. There are so many choices available toyou for the best utilization of space. Whether you are on a limited budget,Guest Posting or you are able to endulge a bit, the perfect dorm room can be achieved. Many stores cater to the dorm room requirements during the back to school rush. Colorful comforters, mini refrigerators, compact desks, and cool lighting will make your dorm room the best decorated.
Just before you start to purchase too many things for the dorm room it's a great idea to tour the college. The dorm room should be a part of the tour, if not ask to look at it. It's best to take a tour during an active semester so you can get a strategy to see what you're working with. If possible, taking an "off season" tour will permit you to see the dorm room empty too. You may even consider taking measurements of the dorm room to better plan out your sanctuary.
Once you know what you're working with, let the planning begin. You should take inventory of what you may have on hand. If you are on a budget, taking inventory and using what you already have will help to save money in decorating the dorm room.
To start with, your bedding should be considered. Knowing the color patterns of the bedding makes decorating less difficult. The addition of throw pillows is always a great way to accessorize. Next, you will need to plan the study area. There are so many unique options available, whether you choose to study at a desk, on a bean bag or your bed, there are alternatives for each. You will need to include great lighting; a halogen floor lamp is a good possibility.
Organization is necessary as well. Cool and colorful milk crates can help to organize your books and supplies, while producing a jazzy design. They come in many colors and are stackable. They can perform double duty as side tables to support a drink or dinner plate. Convenience is also important when decorating a dorm room. A mini refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and coffee pot are all fantastic additions to any dorm room. Taking time to carefully plan your dorm room decor will create the ideal space. Be sure you permit your personality to be a reflection of decorating and accessorizing your dorm space.

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