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The college dorm life is certainly an education unto itself. Sorry to say,Guest Posting there is no such thing as a B.S. in Dorm Life Philosophy, but there sure might be one eventually. Long scholarly thesis about this topic have been written in the past and there will surely be loads more.
The funny thing is dorm life doesn't have to be complicated. It's dramatic because a lot of people go into it without bearing a few simple things in mind. Dorm life is a variety of a crash course in How to Be a Working Adult in the Real World. Treat it like an chance in life, even if just an opportunity to overcome new and varied difficulties.
Naturally there are innumerable perks to dorm life: new friends, a greater social circle, time away from parents, and independence. Dependent upon the dorm you decided on, proximity to campus can save a ton on gas and keep you in the thick of everything, no matter if it is Rush Week or campus festivities. Every dorm is unique in its all round makeup and atmosphere. Some dorms attract party crowds who are up late. Many others are favored by tech geeks, so do a little research beforehand to see which dorm is home to individuals closer to your personality.
No matter what dorm you end up in, some basic Golden Rules should always be at the top of your mental list. 1. Be respectful. No excessive noise into the wee hours. 2. Contribute to the cleanliness of common areas. 3. Give everyone the benefit of the doubt upon first meeting them. Smile and greet people; don't just go to and fro and never speak at all. It's simply bad taste.
Design: Your dorm room will be your home away from home for a year or so. Think of it as a inventive design project, a canvas upon which to express yourself. At the same time, remember to combine all of your necessities into the mix. Some great items to start with are: lamps, a mini fridge (in case the dorm doesn't have one), your own printer (optional), pillows, sheets, quilts, blankets, throws and pillowcases, an attractive and functional cork board (to post notes of concern to your roommates), lightweight drawer units/stackable cases, window treatments (to keep your mood positive/motivated), desk and chairs (these may already be in your dorm room, but at times are not), and a compact hamper.
Go boldly and stay committed to your studies. After you rake in all A's, celebrate--where? In your dorm room!

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