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Staying in a dorm can deliver a whole new aspect and view into your life. It can come as good or as bad relying on how you look at the situations that come your way. Sometimes there are also things that you just cannot steer clear of while you are staying in a college dorm. There are also a lot of things you have control of,Guest Posting like the decorations you select, how often you are staying in there, and what can come in and out of your side of the dorm. One of the issues that not everyone has a choice of are the dorm mates that are appointed to your dorm. This can be good and it can be awful.
People are all different, with that, people all come with their own personal styles, attitudes, and views on life. There are millions of different religions, backgrounds, races, and personalities that can come your way when you are living in a dorm. If there is any type of advice that can be given when you meet your new dorm mate, it is to be aware and be open minded. Chances are they are feeling the same way you are when they have to meet someone new.
When it comes to dorm mates you have to take into consideration their needs, study habits, and personal space just like they do for you. This is someone you will be living with for the semester so building a relationship should be something that you both strive for.
Your dorm mates could be your best friend or your worst enemy, so make sure you discover the fine lines of communication between you. There will be a lot of learning between you two when you first move into the dorm together. There's no person who wants to have a negative energy with someone with whom they reside so try and become friendly. The two of you might even try and study together or go out to eat. Maybe even introduce them to your friends and hang out when school activities are not going on.
From time to time personalities just don't get along and that is still understandable. During these moments you might be able to request a new dorm mate. If the issue is not that serious and the person is not annoying you, you just don't match personality wise, just try to find some common ground. Bear in mind, again, that not everyone is the same person. Respect the boundaries of your dorm mate and try and meet half way. That will make your dorm life in college a little more of a smooth experience.

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