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To begin with,Guest Posting dorm life is no walk in the park, but it can be rather interesting. Residing in the college dorm is not for all and many come and many go, dorm life has its advantages and disadvantages. Living in the dorm one can count on room and board, and one can expect to share a space with an additional individual or a single room space. I find that sharing a room with an individual or other individuals is very distinctive and it takes some time to become acclimated to it.
Sharing room with others is different in my opinion because one must show respect for their roommate or their roommates. An individual must take in consideration how things that one might do will affect the other person or persons. Another essential thing is that typically the space that is being shared is not that large of a space to begin with, so making sure that each individual cleans up their required area and working together at upholding it is crucial.
Another interesting element about dorm life is simply trying to get to know people on your hall or in your exact dorm that one may tend to see regularly. This is important because this is how relationships are shaped which can lead to other endeavors on the campus.
Moreover, following the rules of the dorm is very important, because one pays a large amount of money in order to stay on the dorm and to mess it up would be a shame. Sticking with rules such as no fighting with individuals of the dorm is a huge deal. Fighting is prohibited in the dorms and can lead to extreme measures, like being removed from the dorm all together. Also if one is fighting with a roommate, most of the times this will lead to instant room change. Automatic room change isn't a good thing simply because all the hard work at moving into that certain dorm room has gone to waste and the same procedures of packing then unpacking is needed again and rather unnecessary when one should comply with the rules.
Generally dorm life is what a person makes of it, it can be a delightful pleasure, or be like a frightening scene from a horror film. Dorm living should be a experience and a fantastic experience at that, one that should be held dear to their hearts and cherished, because it's a once in a lifetime encounter.

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