Vampire Fiction With An Action-Packed, Rock ‘n Roll Attitude!

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Vampire fiction usually isn’t a very bright realm.  What I mean is…

It’s generally a dark, moody read – with plenty of brooding over moral matters for chapters on end.  Should you drink blood or shouldn’t you?  Is it REALLY okay to hook up with that underage girl who never smiles?  What’s the point of immortality at all?  Heavy stuff like that.

Vampire fiction ain’t a place for fun and games, kids.  This is serious stuff here!

In the hands of the right author, that makes for some great, compelling reading – Anne Rice’s first three Vampire Chronicles books are EXCELLENT, as a matter of fact.  And Nancy Collin’s ultra-dark Sonja Blue novels are among my absolute favorites.

But dark isn’t the be-all, end-all for vampire fiction.  Not by a long shot.

The problem is the gloomy motif is so ingrained in the minds of authors and readers, you rarely ever see vampire fiction that strays away from the old mold.  However…

Unholy War is an exhilarating slice of vampire fiction featuring an 80’s-style rock ‘n roll attitude – jammed with action, adventure, and a healthy dose of supernatural humor!

And in case you’re wondering – nobody sparkles in Unholy War.  Not even once.

Unholy War is told through the eyes of Steele, a cocky, streetwise vampire who sings in a rock band, drives a fast car, and doesn’t put up with anybody’s BS.

Quick with a smirk and a chuckle, Steele loves being a vampire – mowing down murders, rapists, and child-molesters for blood.  He’s not a tragic prince or sadistic monster, just a dude who happens to be a vampire.

That’s a small – but key – distinction.  You see…

Most vampire fiction focuses on BEING a vampire and all of the inherent difficulties within.  Most of the time, the characters haven’t gotten past that – it’s a constant struggle.  Or otherwise they’ve given in to their urges and have gone all Dracula on everybody.

Great stories have been told in this vein – I’ve got a bookshelf full of ‘em.  But y’know…

Some of us would be totally OKAY with being a vampire – we’d not only survive, but thrive… we’d live it up and enjoy our immortality!

Unholy War’s Steele has found the balance that’s eluded so many of literature’s famous vampires, and doesn’t waste any time worrying about the usual moral problems –

Steele’s too busy LIVING and sharing his adventures with you!

He hangs out with his oddball group of vampire pals – including a loud-mouthed half-vampire gypsy and a lovable lunatic nearly 2000 years old – is in love with a gorgeous vampiress who plays guitar in a metal band, and mostly wants to be left alone to enjoy his life.

But as you’ve discovered in your own life – most people aren’t content to just let you BE.  Somebody’s always gotta come in and tell you how to live your life.

This happens to Steele and the vampires of Hollywood in the form of the Crimson Order – a formidable army of old-world zealots out to conquer the city’s vampires and rule them under a brutal, totalitarian regime.  No more fun, no more laughs, no more anything.

Naturally, the Hollywood Vampires aren’t gonna take this lying down – the Crimson Order came in expecting a slaughter, and instead… they got a war.

Unholy War isn’t about brooding or moral implications – it’s about standing up for what you believe in, staying true to your friends, and defying those who try to hold you down.

Steele and his friends could care less whether they’re the “bad guys” or not.  Those terms are meaningless when somebody’s invading their home and killing their friends – the Hollywood Vampires are out for blood.

Unholy War represents a whole new brand of vampire fiction…

It’s a rock ‘n roll thrill-ride overflowing with hilarity, humanity, and enough blood-drenched, high-tension mayhem to make your heart thunder as you hungrily tear through page after page!

If you’re tired of tricky moral complications, brooding on dark, rainy nights, and watching vampires chase after unhappy underage girls, Unholy War is exactly what you’re looking for!

Just be warned – Unholy War isn’t for everybody.  If you prefer the friendly confines of old-style vampire fiction, you may want to just stick with the usual stuff – and that’s okay.  The Hollywood Vampires are for adventurous, open-minded readers who NEED something new!

Get a fix of new, exciting, and outrageous vampire fiction by following the link below…

Unholy War

You’re almost there – you can start reading Unholy War just four minutes from now!

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