Vampire Fiction – With The Vampire As Prey!

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Most vampire fiction follows a simple formula – the vampire’s the predator, and you’re the prey.  It goes all the way back to Bram Stoker’s landmark Dracula – vampires are the top of the food chain, and we’re the walking equivalent of a Big Mac to them.

It’s been that way for over 111 years now, and that beloved old convention is still going strong – it’s such a basic assumption nobody even notices it!

Now, that’s not to say you don’t see vampire fiction where the vampire’s put on the defensive.  Our fanged friends have plenty of opposition – vampire-slaying girls named Buffy, hostile werewolves, and other supernatural foes make immortality rough for vampires.

Now, here’s the catch, dear reader…

Vampire hunters and werewolves view vampires as adversaries – but they don’t think of them as FOOD.  Nobody actually EATS vampires or preys on them like they prey on us, right?

Well, you’ve never met Mariel.  Or her sister.

With “Hunter Hunted,” you’ll get an exciting new twist on vampire fiction with a tense, sensual tale where a hard-rocking vamp gets hunted by a shape-shifting seductress craving the electric flavor of vampire blood!

It’s the summer of 1988, and the vampire Dorian is one of the hottest ladies’ men on the Sunset Strip.  The bassist and occasional vocalist for a rock ‘n roll band, he uses his sleazy style and swagger to seduce and feed from countless willing groupies.  Dorian’s got more ladies than he knows what to do with!

A benevolent prince during his mortal years, Dorian still believes in the values of chivalry and kindness.  He may be a womanizer, but he’s a good-hearted one, quick with a smile, kiss, and friendly word.

All he wants is to add another notch to his bed post and a pint or two.  He’s a vampire at peace with himself and his place in the world – it’s all about sex, blood, and rock ‘n roll.

If you were a vampire in Hollywood in the 1980’s, what else would you need?

“Hunter Hunted” is vampire fiction without the usual moral struggles, deep-seated angst, and tear-jerking drama – it’s a slick and sexy read that’ll charm you with its style and humor… and then make your heart race when it suddenly goes straight for your throat!

Dorian’s relatively young as vampires go – just a few centuries old – and he’s lived a pretty charmed life.  He hasn’t yet discovered there are other things – things not of this world – lurking in the deepest shadows…

Things that look at vampires as food and nothing more.

Mariel – the curvaceous rocker girl Dorian spies at a gig – hides a secret.  While Dorian’s eager to take her home, drink some blood, and send her on her way the next morning, Mariel has something similar in mind…

Except Dorian’s NOT going to live through what Mariel’s planning.

What does a vampire do when the tables are turned and he ends up on the menu?  How does even a vampire survive against a remorseless predator who can make him see exactly what she wants him to?

To make things even worse, none of Dorian’s older – and more powerful – vampire friends know where he’s gone.  The rest of the gang’s busy smashing it up in an impromptu demolition derby with Poison over at Mario’s Kart-O-Rama.  Dorian’s on his own.

It’s not something you see every day in vampire fiction…

A vampire at the mercy of a superior foe, vulnerable and alone.  Then when Dorian plunges into the Stygian depths of Mariel’s basement… he meets her sister.

“Hunter Hunted” ratchets up the tension to unbearable levels as Dorian fights for his life against a pair of star-spawned horrors in an abandoned mansion on Mulholland Drive…

Your heart will race, your blood will rush, and you’ll be turning the pages in a frenzy to see what happens next!

If you’re starving for vampire fiction with a totally new angle, without all of the usual Dracula, Lestat, and Edward clones or tragic romance stuff, you’re in luck.

In Sex, Blood, & Rock ‘n Roll, you’ll not only thrill to “Hunter Hunted,” but 11 other tales of off-the-wall, hard-rocking, and outrageously original vampire fiction.  Click the link below to be reading “Hunter Hunted” within just four minutes…

Sex, Blood, & Rock ‘n Roll

Just be warned – Sex, Blood, & Rock ‘n Roll isn’t for everybody.  Traditional readers may not dig its high-energy action, infectious humor, and modern-day innovations on vampire fiction, so please…

Proceed with caution!

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