Banning Of Oil Drilling

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The life blood of this planet is the magma.  

The lubrication of this planet is the oil.

The withdrawing of oil is causing this planet major issues.

         Oil is a major global resource that is needed by every nation on the planet. But the governments do not consider how this affects the planet. Johnny Greene an American states that,Guest Posting” Yes they should drill for oil anywhere it is until they find an alternative to fuel. Anybody that don't like it should walk to work, cook over wood, warm their home with wood, cool home with open windows, use oil lanterns, and draw water from a well with a bucket. I did this when I was a kid - don't really want to do it again.”        Mike an American argues that, “The oil companies already have enough land to destroy, they don't need any more. We need to find an alternative solution one that is renewable, and good for our planet.” I believe that oil drilling should be banned, because when we drive our automobiles the cfcs in gas is causing air pollution. When the oil is being shipped by the sea; oil is being spilled in the ocean causing sea life to die.        Elizabeth Dole an American politician states,” There is no doubt that now, more than ever, we must work to end our dependence on foreign oil sources. But we cannot do so by ignoring the wishes of the coastal communities that oppose drilling. “        Oil drilling should be banned, because of the oil spilling in our planet’s oceans which causes major damages to the environment. The oil spills in the ocean is a double disaster, because of a valuable resource is wasted, and our environment is being destroyed (Pringle). There are over 3,000 oil tankers traveling by sea, and an outstanding 70% of oil output is transported by sea (Tesar). Since 1989, more than 471 million gallons of oil have been spilled in the ocean. In the United States over 13,000 oil spills in the ocean are reported annually.        When oil is being loaded, and unloaded it is spilled on land; causing major environmental damage to our ocean (Fine). One large oil spill can cause damage to sea, and shore life for miles (Ocean).        According to the United States Fish Wildlife Service a major oil spill in Alaska in 1989 of over 11 million gallons of crude oil; caused 580,000 dead birds, 144 eagles, 22 Whales, 5,500 otters, and 1,244 miles of polluted shore to water depth of 300 feet. When fish or wildlife are covered in an oil spill, they cannot eat so they starve their intestines are covered so they cannot absorb water.        A quart of oil dumped in the ocean can pollute up to 2,500 gallons of water (Ocean). The oil spills affect the seafood that humans eat everyday which can increase a person’s risk of cancer (Blashfield). According to The United States of Fish and Wildlife oil does not dissolve in water it lasts a long time and sticks to everything from beach sand to bird feathers. Oil and other petroleum products are toxic to people, wildlife and plants.        According to the National Geographic Christopher Reddy a marine chemist from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution states from a study that oil spills have a long term impact on coastal environments. The effects of oil spills could be indefinite, because after a spill thirty years ago the oil residue is still present.        Charlie Eckberg, Investec Real Estate Planner argues that the modern oil drilling technologies, and techniques that are used will not allow a major spill to happen again. He states that president Bush has stated this, and is asking congress to lift the oil drilling ban. Randall Luthi, director of the department's Minerals Management service states that the oil drilling technology has improved, and the safety systems have been greatly improved. Automatic shutoff valves underneath the seabed can cut the flow of oil immediately if there's a problem or a storm coming. Texas, Gov. Rick Perry says new drilling technologies, and the industry's track record in the Gulf of Mexico show that the industry is safer than ever.        According to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-California the oil drilling technology may have improved, but there are still oil spills due to failed equipment, bad weather, and human error. According to the Minerals Management Service there was about 2,225 barrels of oil that was spilled in coastal waters due to mishandling offshore rigs. There were oil spills that took place when hurricane Katrina and Rita hit. As a result of both storms, 124 spills were reported with a total volume of roughly 17,700 barrels of total petroleum products, of which about 13,200 barrels were crude oil, and condensate from platforms, rigs and pipelines, and 4,500 barrels were refined products from platforms, and rigs. Pipelines were accountable for 72 spills totaling about 7,300 barrels of crude oil and condensate spilled into the [Gulf of Mexico]. Response, and recovery efforts kept the impacts to a minimum with no onshore impacts from these spill events.        So even though the new modern technology has improved there is still major oil pollution that is caused from oil drilling. Oil drilling should be banned because the cfcs from the exhaust of automobiles is causing air pollution. According to the Minnesota Pollution Agency motor vehicles is the main source for air pollutants in the United States. Motor Vehicles give off an abundance of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions. When carbon monoxide is inhaled it affects the body ability to absorb oxygen. Hydrocarbons are released from gasoline fuel vapor; when vehicles are being refueled at the gas stations. When hydrocarbons are exposed to the sun’s light, a ground layer of smog is produced.        The Environmental Protection Agency argues that the enactment of the clean air act which enacts prevention methods in order to provide cleaner air. New, and used vehicles in major high smog states has been regulated to administer vehicle exhaust emissions test, and this will make are air cleaner. If your vehicle fails for emissions violations; he or she must have the repairs completed by a registered Emissions Repair Facility. If your vehicle fails inspection, you have up to one month from the last day of the month indicated on the inspection sticker to make repairs, and return for re-inspection at a state inspection facility or state-licensed private inspection facility.        According to Michael P. Walsh an international Consultant for the California Air Resources Board states that the equipment that was being use for the vehicle emission test are poorly operated and maintained. The operators have a limited amount of training, and there are not enough funds to keep equipment upgraded. When the program first started 8 percent obtained false passes because of incorrect testing practices by the verifying center, and another 19 percent received false passes, because of practices by the garage that tuned the vehicle before the test.        In conclusion, Oil drilling should be banned, because it has been proven that oil spills have caused major environmental problems. The use of oil to be converted to gasoline is causing major smog throughout the world. This air, sea, and land pollution is bad for sea life, animal life, and human life. New ways to power are world need to be invented as soon as possible before we ruin our planet and do not have a planet to live in.        In the words of Michael Jackson,” What have we've done to the world. Look what we've done. What about all the peace that you pledge your only son? What about flowering fields? Is there a time? What about all the dreams that you said was yours, and mine. Did you ever stop to notice all the children dead from war? Did you ever stop to notice this crying Earth, these weeping shores.”   Bob, Keefe. “Modern technology makes offshore drilling cleaner, industry claims.” Aug. 2008 Blashfield, Jean F., and Wallace B. Black. Oil Spills. Chicago: Children's Press, 1991.   EnvironmentalProtectionAgency.”TheCleanAirAct.” Fine, Christopher John. Oceans in Peril. New York: Atheneum Macmillian Publishing Company, 1987 "Oil Pollution." Online. Internet. Accessed 3/25/01. TheMinosotaPollutionCenter.”MotorVehiclePollution.” Pringle, Laurence. Oil Spills: Damage, Recovery, and Pevention. New York: Morrow Junior Books, 1993. "Tankers and Oil." Compton's Interactive Encyclopedia. C-D Rom, Windows. 1995.   Michael Jackson.”TheEarthSong.” Michael P. Walsh.” Motor Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance: The Worldwide Experience.” National Geographic, “Oil Spills Pollute Indefinitely and Invisibly, Study Says.” www. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,” Oil Pollution.” Banning of Oil My target audience is to all citizens which oil drilling affect, not everyone feel that the drilling of oil should be banned. This essay is to inform those people who may not know about the dangers of oil drilling to our environment.

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