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As Beach cruisers are gaining in popularity all across the country, many riders are beginning to personalize these great bikes to better fit their needs and style. Bicycles are a great form of transportation, and beach cruiser bikes are perfect for going on errands to the store, riding to the beach, to class, and just for fun.

One of the most popular accessories is a front basket. They are made to fit cruiser handlebars easily – some strap on,Guest Posting while others latch on or click into a mount for easily attaching the basket or removing it. Handles are featured on many of the bike baskets, allowing you to easily carry your items around on foot while not riding the bike. Simply ride to the store, bring the basket inside to pick up a few items, carry them out and attach the basket to your bike again and off you go to your next stop.

Bike bells and horns can be good add-ons to make sure you are noticed while in a pedestrian area or even in traffic. Bells for beach cruisers can be found in all shapes and sizes – some traditional and others are more playful.

Be sure to have a bike lock – after all, when your beach cruiser is all decked out, you want to make sure that no-one is tempted to take it for their own. A bike lock will take care of this problem.

Many online bike stores feature combo packages put together especially for beach cruisers. You might choose to receive a quality wicker basket, bell and bike lock to get you started accessorizing your beach cruiser bicycle.

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