Amazing Health Facts of Curd (Curd or Yogurt)

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The use of curd has many health benefits. However, there are many facts you must know before using them in any culinary and drinks.

The curd (Dahi in Hindi) is one of the favorite and important versatile cooking ingredients in the preparation of Indian culinary. The dahi is also one of the beverage product during summer season in India. To meet the domestic and commercial demand,Guest Posting there are many 100% pure dahi manufacturers in India. In the present days, the curd products are available in tetra packs, plastic containers and in bottles. You can buy it from anywhere in India and add in your dishes or drink them as cool drinks. It has amazing health benefits. The below are few facts about it.

Best Alternative for People with Lactose Intolerance

Few children and adults may dislike milk and avoid dairy products too which are made of milk. These people may avoid milk for the following reasons.

  • They may get gas formation in stomach soon after they drink a glass of milk.
  • They feel indigestion problems after consuming milk based dairy products and any dishes made of milk.

However, the Lactose intolerance people can consume raw curd-based dishes to get the similar benefits of milk in their daily life. It is advisable to drink Lassi, butter milk and add little dahi in their daily dishes.

Diabetic Patients can Consume Daily

The foremost question with all diabetic patients, is dahi good for diabetics? The answer is yes, they can consume Dahi daily by adding in their culinary. It is advisable not to add sugar and consume like Lassi drinks. It can provide you the daily-required level of nutrients. It also helps in digestion and observing other nutrients you consume in diabetic food.

Excellent Cooking Ingredient

The curd has versatile use in preparing any type of culinary. The below mentioned are few facts of Dahi in adding it as cooking ingredients.

  • Adding three teaspoons of curd in a spicy food can reduce the spicy taste and you can eat those spicy foods without tears coming out from your eyes and burning tongue.
  • If you find any dishes you eat are salty, it is advisable to add little curd to reduce the salt to normal level.
  • It helps in digestion and it is advisable to add little curd in mostly non vegetarian food.
  • The use of curd in any curry can make them thick.
  • The curd is a poor man’s healthy food and it can be mix with rice and any other cheap grains to make simple food with high level of nutrition.

The important facts about curd is that you can mix it in any culinary and boil them. However,  you forgot to add curd while preparing any dish or you can add it after food preparation, it will give you the same taste. The dahi manufacturers in India supply dahi in small packs such that anyone can buy and use in food preparation.

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