Bubble Tea Store Opening in Bergen County

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Gong Cha is opening a new store in New Jersey located at 854 River Road, New Milford NJ, 07646. The store is opening this November with exciting offers for customers. The store will offer different varieties of bubble tea and will be the 15th Gong cha location in New Jersey.

New Jersey residents have been waiting patiently for the launch of a new store where they can order favorites like our Milk Foam Dirty Brown Sugar Milk Tea.


Located around River road,Guest Posting anyone from New Milford can easily drive to or easily find their way to the store. Again, the store address is 854 River Road, New Milford NJ, 07646!


History of Gong cha bubble tea


Bubble tea, also called boba tea can be traced as far back as the 80s in old Taiwan. Taiwanese residents drink milk tea for fun, whether it's summer or winter. But the idea of adding the topical pearl emerged during summer.


The tea grew in popularity among many Asia countries in the 90s. Americans later embraced the tea.


Gong Cha is a popular bubble tea brand from Taiwan with more than 1500 stores worldwide.


Founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan; Gong cha, which translates to “tribute tea for the emperor” , opened its doors. Today there are over 100 locations in the United States and 1500+ locations worldwide.


Gong Cha opened its first US store in New York in 2014. Ever since then, the brand continue to open more brands


The brand is set to officially launch the new store in New Jersey. Although there are lots of bubble tea stores out there, Gong Cha stand out.


A lot of people love bubble tea and because there's not enough stores in New Jersey, Gong Cha decided to add more.


Located around River road, anyone from New Milford can easily drive to or easily find their way to the store.

  Gong Cha Stores Hit New Jersey Like A Storm


Many people choose Gong Cha bubble tea especially for its great flavor. They also love the fact there are always a variety of flavors you can mix and match according to preference.


Feel free to add your favorite pearl. On the other hand, you can go traditional with the typical bubble tea and tapioca pearl. It's a fun drink because you get to eat it while drinking it.


The process of opening the new store started as far back as a few months ago. But now, the brand is back and ready to serve over 70 types of drinks.


The store has received support from the community and everyone around is so friendly


Again, you can drive down to the store at 854 River Road, New Milford NJ, 07646. Not forgetting, you can also order the oat series from this store for a refreshing experience.


Professional staff at Gong Cha uses premium-grade ingredients to prepare the oat series. The ingredients are tested and confirmed as safe, healthy, and approved for public consumption.

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